10 Tips on How to Make Walking For Weight Loss More Fun

Walking is great exercise, a brilliant way to lose weight, fight stress and tone up. But it can be boring if you let it. So don’t let it! Follow our tips on how to make your walking exciting and you will be looking forward to exercise (and not just the weight loss) rather than dreading it.

Bring a friend

The fact is that having a friend walking along with you can really help you enjoy yourself more. Socializing, gossiping, discussing work, goals etc all help you forget the miles that you are walking, pass the time and generally help you lose weight. If you work together on the weight loss targets then you will find yourselves bonding over what you are trying to achieve whilst pushing each other on when the will power may be a tad less than 100%

Listen to music

Another tip that helps pass the time. We don’t suggest you sing along to whats playing over your MP3 player but we do suggest you invest in one as having your favorite songs playing into your ears can really help pass the time. Get yourself a song that really motivates you and it can help pick up the pace and keep your mind from the exercise.

Walk for charity

Doing good always helps us feel good about ourselves and can act as a real inspiration. Have a look and see if there are any sponsored walks around that you could join in. If not set yourself a target of a certain distance, get a pedometer and collect sponsorship for you hitting that target. You’ll lose weight and feel good for helping a good cause. Now that has to be fun!

Reward yourself

Whilst walking is less tiring than most other methods of losing weight it is still an effort and you may subconsciously want to put it off. So fight doing that by rewarding yourself for your efforts from time to time. Be that a spa break every 12 walks, or just a sauna every 2, by allowing yourself something for the effort you give yourself something more physical to look forward to than just thinking about the weight loss at the end of it.

Alone time

Are you the sort of person that needs alone time for doing things such as putting your thoughts in order, making plans or just switching off? Walk whilst you are doing it. Research has shown that light exercise such as walking helps boost the brains cognitive power, just the sort of helping hand that comes in useful when making plans.

Join a walking group

A great way to meet people with similar interested and goals, and make new friends. This takes the socializing aspect of bringing a friend along and takes it to a whole new level. The extra people pushing forward can really help drive you on and stop your pace from lagging.

Learn as you walk

Get that MP3 player out again. There are hundreds of audio lessons out there that will teach you anything from Spanish to management techniques. Use your time efficiently, lose weight and gain a new skill, you really can’t ask for more!

Try a new route

No matter what you do looking at the same old scenery day after day will get boring, no matter how impressive… so don;t do the same old thing. Get out there and try different areas, new parks, hikes, mountains, beaches… the more you walk in different areas the more interesting and fun your walk will be.

Walk a dog

Dogs are great fun, and often like nothing more than going on walks. Just being with them when they have such fun running after everything, playing fetch or chasing birds can really help entertain you on your walk, whilst their energy is often catching!

Window Shopping

Make your walk around a shopping center and you can window shop whilst you walk. Make sure you get your 30 minutes done BEFORE you start trying things on, stopping for breaks is no good. But you can check out displays and things whilst still walking at a brisk pace, and then reward yourself by trying on what looked good afterward.

As you can see there are plenty of ways that walking for weight loss can be made fun, and we have only just scratched the surface here. Get those trainers on and get out walking, it will do you a lot of good and prove to be fun as well.

Source by Gunawan Harinanto

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