2 Key Components to Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Favorably Alter Body Composition

A person’s dietary intake and physical activity levels are the major determining factors of body composition change goals like how to gain muscle and lose fat fast. A common mistake is to focus too much on one of these particular aspects body transformation, to the exclusion of the other. People that have successfully and quickly lost weight, built muscle and transformed the composition of their bodies know that for best results, a weight loss program or muscle building program should give equal focus to diet and physical activity.

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of misinformation surrounding body transformation and body composition change out there. Most people get their physical fitness and fat loss information from media like television, newspapers, magazines and websites.

If one is serious about losing weight and building lean muscle as quickly as possible, without any detrimental health effects, it’s necessary to possess a core knowledge of nutrition and physical fitness principles.

Of foremost concern, before starting your weight loss or muscle building program, should be your current state of health and nutrition profile. If you have a disease that is effected by a nutrition or you have a nutrition issue that is complex in nature, you should seek the counsel of a nutrition professional like a registered dietitian or nutritionist.


Before deciding how and what to change, regarding your exercise program and diet, you need to know what your current state of health is in these areas. A complete assessment should always be performed before starting, not only to make sure that you are in good health but also to accurately gauge your improvement potential over time.

There are many forms of assessment you can use as a foundation, before starting your program.

Some dietary forms of assessment include anthropocentric, biochemical and clinical examination. Some physical activity assessments include the push up test, step test and treadmill testing.

The fast way to lose weight and of utmost importance, is the initial current dietary intake data gathering. Before useful weight loss actions can be implemented, you must know where you stand nutritionally – what your current dietary intake looks like.

There are several ways of determining this information.

Three of the more popular methods gathering dietary assessment data include dietary recall, diet history and three day diet records.

Those valid of the three methods is universally thought to be the three day diet record. For best results the more precise the recording and analysis is, the better the weight loss results will also be.

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