4 PCOS Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss with PCOS can be a difficult thing to achieve. Your condition actively works to make you gain weight and often the psychological pressures and even the physical pressures can make it difficult to stay motivated and exercise. With this in mind here are some PCOS weight loss tips that can help those suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome.

1. Eat Low GI Foods

This is good advice for anyone wanting to lose weight but with PCOS this can become even more important because of insulin resistance. This condition is the root cause of PCOS and basically means that the hormone insulin which takes glucose from the blood stream and uses it to power the body does not work very well. It takes a huge amount more insulin to convert your blood sugar to body processes and this spike in insulin causes a chain reaction of hormone imbalances that lead to the symptoms of PCOS.

In any case, a low GI diet means you will not flood your blood stream with sugars quickly because those low GI foods release glucose slowly into the blood steam. This will limit insulin spikes and should mean more blood sugar is given to body processes and not stored as fat cells. IT also has the benefit of stopping the hormone imbalance.

2. Do not overdo exercise

A strict diet can be more powerful than a harsh exercise regime. While you need to get moving and exercising the calorie loss from exercise is not as great as you might think. The health benefits are there and scheduled ongoing exercise is essential but thinking that exhausting yourself for a few weeks will miraculously burn the fat and leave you skinnier is wrong thinking.

If you push yourself too hard you will burn out your motivation and may also leave yourself lacking in energy to fight sickness. A steadier pace of exercise is recommended. Stick to cardio exercise with perhaps light resistance training to strengthen the body.

3. Pain Reduction

Many PCOS sufferers have serious pain due to their ovarian cysts. This can drain your motivation and make it difficult to exercise. Having methods that reduce the pain of cysts quickly will help you feel like you are on the way to overcoming this condition and PCOS weight loss will follow.

Heat packs placed on the back often help with cyst pain but there are also many natural remedies that will help you reduce pain without resorting to medication.

4. Motivate!

Perhaps nothing is more important than having ongoing motivation to lose weight. Perhaps it is your drive to simply end PCOS, maybe you need to lose weight to get pregnant, perhaps you want to feel beautiful again or maybe you just know how bad carrying extra weight is to your health and know your end goal is better health.

Source by Jennifer Koch

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