5 Fast Weight Loss Tips You’ll Need

Betty says that you have to eat some food with fats. Sally warns you of eating food high in fats like avocados. But really, who should you believe?

Everyone around you seems to have their own tips, theories on losing weight. So who’s right? There are some good common sense tips and yet there are those which seems oddly out of place. Sometimes you even get tips from people can’t seem to lose weight successfully nor maintain their weight. You should know better than to believe them! Here are 5 fast weight loss tips that you’ll need in your daily life in order to succeed in your weight loss goal :

Weight Loss Tip 1

This is one of those tips on losing weight that people often overlook, thinking that it does not work since it has nothing to do with your diet or exercise. It is a trick that you play with your mind by tricking it to think that you are eating more food. How? By just using a smaller plate. This is really logical – when your plate is small, the same amount of food on a small plate compared to a large plate will look fuller. Plus you will tend to put less food on the smaller plate so that it does not look so loaded! Sure, it is a mental trick but it works for many people. Try it!

Weight Loss Tip 2

You’ve probably heard of this tip before. Eat and chew your food slowly. Again, this is a common sense tip that’ll work for anyone. Case in point, have you watched a speed-eating contest before? Just imagine someone eat the same amount of food but in triple the time or even quadruple the time. The winner probably wolfed down 20 pies in very little time, giving no time for the brain to acknowledge that it is full! The winner was probably more focused on eating more and more food just to win. This is exactly like us when we are starving and gulping down every bit of our food. Could you actually sit down with a fork and slowly eat 20 pies? It’s really not likely!Instead you’ll probably enjoy your one pie even more and get a pleasant feeling of fullness!

Weight Loss Tip 3

Big portions equal big dress size, that’s what you should believe. So watch your portion sizes and try to reduce the sizes. For example if you love fried chicken, just start by placing 1 piece on your plate instead of your usual 2-3 pieces. And then filling up on salad or green veggies on the side to replace those missing pieces of fried chicken. Similarly if you love mashed potatoes, instead of giving up on them totally, you can have them. But just one portion! And a small portion please… Try to keep a portion of food about the size of your fist. Thus you do not deprive yourself of your favorite food. You still get to eat them, but stop after one small portion, instead of piling up a huge portion on your plate.

Weight Loss Tip 4

This tip is more unconventional : don’t clear your plate. Your mother will probably roll her eyes. You might think it is really bad to leave food unfinished as we were probably taught from young not to waste food. This is probably hardest thing for most of us to do! You can always try to share your food with a good friend or your partner instead. This way no food is wasted!

Weight Loss Tip 5

This final tip is related to Tip 4. Bottomline is that when you’re not starving, and you can’t possibly send those food to those who are, please do not force yourself to eat it. So do yourself a favor, instead of feeling guilty about wasting food at the end of the day, simply start with less food on your plate instead!

Source by Jonas Wright

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