Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight has gone from a necessity to most and a fad to many. All thanks to the media, the concept that people have of what’s healthy and what’s not is strongly associated with ‘skinny slim’ and ‘porky fat’. With all the models being required to be in the size 0 division to walk a runway, celebrities in the plus size department being criticized for their weight, and stars who used to be skinny then and gaining weight now being questioned for their curves, it’s no surprise that many people have come to believe that have to look a certain way to be considered ‘healthy’.

Because of the way people think about ‘being healthy’, different kinds of weight loss programs have sprung up here and there. Some programs have come up to offer genuine help to those who really need it. But for the most part, there are programs that just came about to juice people out of their money. Below is a list of the top three most popular weight loss programs.

South Beach Diet

This program was developed by a cardiologist name Dr. Arthur Agatstone. Instead of requiring its participants to eat low-fat or low carbohydrate diets, South Beach Diet preaches about the right carbohydrates and fats to eat. As the name implies, the center of the program is eating the right food that can greatly help in losing weight. As a result, meal planners, schedulers, nutritional tools are given to its subscribers. Each day, the people who take part in the program receive free recipes, tips, and more guidance by the diet’s maker. Things such as how not to lose track, how to keep track of your progress and what are the things you need to keep track of your weight are also given out.

Weight Watchers

Hailed as one of the top choices among its reviewers, this weight loss program encourages its participants to eat healthy. By daily eating healthy and ordinary foods that are low in calorie count plus combining these with regular exercise and a positive, the Weight Watchers have been said to be really effective. Aside from the simple requirements the program involves, its flexibility also is one of the reasons why many of its participants and subscribers stick to the program and finish it with great senses of accomplishment. The thing that holds the program together is the weigh-ins and group meetings that the participants hold every week.

Slim Fast

This is, by far, the most popular weight loss program among those who are always on the go or do not have time to exercise or make gourmet meals that are said to be healthy. This plan requires its participants to buy Slim Fast prepackaged foods such as shakes and bars that they can eat.

Aside from the ‘to go’ theme, Slim Fast gives its participants the benefit of slimming down at a fast rate. However, it has two disadvantages. One is that it can be expensive and the other is that it does not produce long term results.

There are many more popular weight loss programs that you can take part in to lose weight. Before choosing them, read about them first. In this way, you’ll be sure that it is safe and effective before taking part in it.

Source by Lucy Moreno

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