Caffeine Rush

It seems in today’s world that most adults like to have a caffeine rush first thing in the morning just to get them started. Caffeine just seems to be in most things today and we are hardly aware of it. We all know it is in coffee but it is also in coke and Red Bull as well as many other day to day things.

Our central nervous system is directly affected by caffeine that we take. This is because caffeine can work similar to many other drugs such as cocaine. Not many people know that caffeine is actually classed as a psychoactive drug.

Caffeine can be used just before you decide to have a work out as it can give you a more alert feeling and make you stronger. This is because caffeine induces adrenaline which is good for making work out a lot easier. Caffeine is also a major ingredient in Nitrous Oxide and many other performance enhancing drugs.

Not a lot of people realize that caffeine can be found in may pain killers too that we buy everyday, albeit in small amounts. It’s a weird thing to think of things that way, but the caffeinated content inside them awakens a body that might otherwise feel tired or run down from the effects of the medication. This helps to balance us out, but we need to be careful with such a thing.

Like many other types of drugs caffeine can become quite addictive. Any drug that affects your central nervous system can make the brain think that your body needs it more than it does.

This explains why so many people have to make sure that they get their daily blast of caffeine in the morning. Have you ever noticed how certain people just cannot get going without their caffeine rush in the mornings?

3 days is all it can take to get somebody addicted to caffeine if their intake is quite regular. This makes caffeine just as addictive as many hard core drugs. This is something to think about the next time you are having your morning coffee.

For the weight watchers amongst you coffee is also full to bursting with empty calories. This is not good for trying to lose weight. The main reason for this is that every cup of coffee that you drink is inevitably being drunk with sugar, cream or milk in it which can contain hundreds of calories that you do not need. This could be rectified with taking sugar alternatives or having no sugar and black coffee.

Source by Nathan Gero

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