Cooking Healthy With Waterless Cookware

My wife Silvia and I try to cook in a healthy style always. Most of what we eat is Latin style cooking. The trick is to use lean meats and trim the fat. She lets the natural liquid from the vegetables and meat be the liquid for cooking on the stove. The multi-element steam control cookware lends itself naturally to this.

We use many of the recipes of South Beach diet and several years ago we were strictly on that diet until we reached our target weights. Now we blend the Latin cooking with at times using recipes from the South Beach books. The use of the Waterless steam control cookware is perfect for these recipes as well. Of course this would be true of any of the great successful diet regimens out there. Whether Weight Watchers, South Beach or whatever, as long as there are lots of healthy vegetables, reasonably amounts of fruits, lean reasonable portions of meat of your liking, and moderate starches.

They all work and the premium Waterless Steam control stainless steel cookware makes it all that easier. With any recipe with meat, and vegetables including potatoes, just braise the meat (no oil or water necessary) 30-60 seconds on each side, top with the vegetables cover and when starting to steam a little close the steam control valve. This allows the heat to distribute quickly and evenly to the point that you can even stack the pans and cook other goodies on top of the first pan and have the same heat distribution. If you do go this way, you’ll find cooking fast, easy and in a style that preserves virtually all of the vitamins and nutrients.

Have fun,

Jay Mawhinney

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