Diet and Exercise The Best Weight Loss Program Ever

There are so many diets on the market that it can be difficult to choose the right one. They all make amazing claims of great weight loss, promise that you will not feel hungry or ever need another diet. If only that were true. What a lot of these diets fail to do is actively promote a change in mindset towards food, slowly introduce eating habit changes, deal with the down falls when you stray away from the diet, or promote activity that will boost your metabolism. These are fundamentals of a good diet.

In order to lose weight you must consume less calories, eat the right foods and exercise. It’s that simple.

Why Calorie Count?

Calorie counting, healthy eating and a low fat diet are essential to losing weight. Calorie counting is an excellent way to help you build knowledge and awareness of what you eat. The other great thing about calorie counting is that it is adaptable to any lifestyle and can fit in with personal taste. Another bonus is there are no forbidden foods when you calorie count,(although we recommend low GI foods and choosing the healthy option) everything is allowed just as long as you eat within the calorie range for the day and consume less calories than you burn. Once you do this you will lose weight, it’s scientifically proven.

Eat the Right Foods

Eating the right foods can encourage speedy weight loss. For example eating foods that have a thermogenic effect and a low Glycemic Index help you lose weight whilst eating simple or refined carbohydrates do not. The Glycemic Index is the rate at which foods break down to be released as glucose into the blood stream. Depending on their effect on insulin production, foods can be labeled high, moderate or low on the GI. In fact you may have noticed that after you’ve eaten certain meals you feel hungrier than before you ate? This is because the foods you ate were high GI foods that have an adverse effect on insulin production (insulin is the fat hormone) and retains body fat.

Therefore eating the right foods will increase your energy levels, and weight loss as well as make you a healthier person.

Exercise for Fast Weight Loss

It is accepted that most people detest the idea of exercise but you have to get over that because it is an essential part of the weight loss process. We’re not advocating that you have to hit the gym and do a monstrous work out, you can start with 15 minutes of brisk walking daily and build upon it until you are exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.

Why is exercise essential? It is essential because it helps you to lose weight fast by raising your metabolism so that you burn more calories for several hours after you finish exercising. But this can only be achieved through vigorous exercise that increases your body temperature and makes you sweat.

There are two or three diets that follow the three key elements for weight loss, Jillian Michaels Free Weight Loss Plan, Protein Power and the MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet.

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