Does The Insulin Resistance Diet Also Help Weight Watchers?

Human lifestyle has evolved from being happy and easy going to extremely nerve-racking. This has its effects on the health and well being of every individual all over the world. The illnesses which were only known to hit people in their old age are now common through the ages. The rate of high blood pressure and diabetes among youngsters is increasing alarmingly. The main reason for all these problems is hectic lifestyle and bad food habits. In such a situation the insulin resistance diet comes as a life saver.

The main purpose of insulin in the human body is to supply glucose cells to all parts of the body, thus helping to reduce the sugar from the bloodstream. Insulin syndrome is a disorder where it fails to do the expected function properly. This leads to increased blood sugar levels and may cause fatal consequences if not dealt right. Hence the insulin resistance diet plays a vital role in regulating the blood sugar levels and a sudden increase is avoided.

The insulin resistance diet comprises of low carbohydrates, moderate fat and moderate protein which is planned to slow down the digestion process and keep a check on the sugar levels. This is a very effective and natural means for people suffering from diabetes and is simple to follow. This concept is based on what our ancestors evolved eating million years ago and has the highest potential of supporting healing and preventing diseases. This diet as such facilitates a balanced food intake and can also be very beneficial for people eager to lose those extra kilos. It may take 2-3 months to establish normal insulin sensitivity but the affectivity may vary from person to person. Being obese can delay the process to reach stability in the levels.

People following the insulin resistance diet should know that this is a naturally alkalizing unlike the normal acidifying diet consumed by the masses. Once this diet is followed properly the person does not feel hungry till it is time for his/her next scheduled meal. The main foods that are problematic and need to be avoided are starchy and refined carbohydrates. These are found in food like potatoes, simple sweets and sugars, white breads and pastas, whole grain products like tortillas, cornbreads, crackers, rice etc. All carbohydrates are not bad, but they need to be consumed along with sufficient protein during meals. Fruits can be eaten in moderation but dried fruits need to be avoided.

Food that is high in protein too has to be chosen as per an individual’s metabolism. There are many who are allergic to dairy and poultry products.

Lean meats and wild fish are best options as they are high in Omega-3 which stimulate blood flow and is very beneficial in prevention of life threatening diseases like strokes, heart attacks, arthritis and high blood pressure problems. Consumption of nuts like walnuts and almonds is healthy. The insulin resistance diet does not agree with a low fat diet and hence advises consumption of healthy oils like olive, canola, coconut and palm. Flax oil too is very good and high in Omega-3. Following basics like drinking plenty of water goes without saying.

This insulin resistance diet is becoming a hot favorite among people wanting to lose weight as it does not restrict fat and carbohydrate intake completely unlike other weight loss diets. This makes it simple to follow and does not leave the person craving for food. This diet when pursued with strong determination and a good exercise regimen will produce the desired results. People suffering from diabetes however should continue to monitor the lab values regularly to check the signs, values and symptoms of any problems.

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