Ear Stapling For Weight Loss, Does It Work?

Ear Stapling for weight loss has skyrocketed in popularity as an option to assist those struggling to lose weight. Ear stapling for weight loss involves inserting a staple in the ear (apparently a stomach acupuncture point). Ear stapling for weight loss is similar to getting your ears pierced, but with, perhaps, a little more pain.


The purpose of ear stapling is to help ease hunger pains, decrease appetite and assist in weight loss. With so many Americans increasingly becoming obese each year, it is no wonder so many people are turning to alternate options for weight loss.

The staples, which are left in your ears for several months, supposedly curb your appetite, leading to weight loss. As one happy person said “Overall, I don’t eat as much and I don’t want as much so, I guess I would consider it a success for me but the doctor did tell us that there is a percentage that it would not have any effect on, and I heard that this will wear off so if you don’t have some sort of lifestyle changes in place by that time, I bet the weight will come back.”

It’s too early at this stage to compare statistical data, although it will be interesting to hear if it has or has not been a huge factor in weight loss among the users. As acupuncturist Stan Guillory says “I’ve treated about 600 patients in the past four months and only about 10 to 15 percent have not lost weight.”

Pros and Cons Of Ear Stapling For Weight Loss

As ear stapling for weight loss becomes increasingly popular, it’s more important now that people understand the positives and negatives of this procedure.


* They can be removed for about 10 days and then put back in until the patient’s target weight is achieved.

* It’s a quick procedure to get done and staple isn’t very visible as it’s in the inner part of the ear.

* No change in lifestyle seems to be needed as your appetite will be curbed.

* This procedure also seems not just good for weight loss, it can also help people quit smoking, manage stress, get a good night sleep and also help with migraines.

* You only have a one time payment of around $45 to have the ear staples put in.


* The problem is that ear stapling for weight loss is illegal in some states due to the threat of infections and other health problems.

* At some point, the ear stapling for weight loss results in the occurrence of complications or infections during the course of the ear stapling weight loss period.

* Many of the holes that are caused by the acupuncture ear staples for weight loss do not heal and leave a hole.

* The state medical board of Mississippi ordered 14 weight loss businesses that do ear stapling because they say they are doing so illegally.


Whether or not the Acupuncture Ear Staple weight loss program has had weight loss success is for you to judge.

The procedure of ear stapling for weight loss should only be entrusted to the professionals in this area. As four women from Texas who had staples placed in their ears by a commercial outfit reported pain around the staple that, in some cases, hurt all the way to the jaw and made chewing painful (maybe that caused any weight loss they may have experienced.)

I’m not a doctor or a professional researcher or anything like that but I must say that even though this all sounds very seem off putting, while researching this article on ear stapling for weight loss I have not come across a lot of infection stories.

For more advice on using ear staples for weight loss we recommend you talk it over with your doctor or health professional.

Source by Barry J McDonald

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