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eDiets is arguably the biggest name in online weight loss. Their name is so big, that they have become synonymous with almost any web based diet program. What this means is that if you were to name a popular on-line diet program more than likely they are a member of the e-diets group. One of the popular phrases going around these days is "I'm doing an eDiet". eDiets have been ranked as the # 1 most trafficked health, fitness and nutrition site, and has been voted "best of the web" in the diet and nutrition category in forbs magazine.

When you go through the sign up process at eDiets you will find they are quit commercial based. There are a lot of graphic ads and you can purchase just about anything from their site. They also offer an extensive shopping section where you can buy fitness equipment and beauty products among other things. Normally this would be a turn off but what offsets this commercial entity is the incredible amount of quality content they have published. They have doctors, writers, nutritionists publishing multiple articles on their site every day. Most of the information is subscription only, but sometimes it's worth paying a little bit of money for that extra support.

Free Diet Profile
eDiets begins with a free diet profile, which is meant to assess your current condition and then will provide you with recommendations. After completing your profile, you can go ahead and subscribe (paying by credit card). Their subscription prices at first can be a bit confusing. You have the option of selecting from varying options (the diet plan, a fitness component, and eDiets solutions – which seems to be access to their forums, registered dietitians, and other content, there is also the eDiets Recipe Club). The diet portion of the plan worked out to be about $ 2.99 per week.

What Makes eDiets Different?
One of the largest differences between eDiets and their competition is the vast array of popular diet programs available; as well as the basic eDiets Weight Loss program. The options of popular diets include: The Atkins Diet, Blood Type Diet, Perricone, Slim Fast, and many more. You can change your plan at any time or mix and match various meal and menu options. The message boards and forums at eDiets have been considered as the industries very best. As far as fitness component, eDiets offer two fitness based programs – their own efitness product, and Get With the Program, an excellent program written by Oprah Winfrey's former trainer Bob Greene.

eDiets plat out work. If you do your research on various opinion sites you will find that people have lost weight with eDiets, and the bad reviews are often rare if not impossible to find. The tools they offer are very good. If you know what you want to do (Example: You want to follow the Mayo Clinic program), then eDiets is the perfect means to do this. Menu plans, meals, recipes, motivation, these will all help you succeed with whatever plan you choose. However, if you're unsure about exactly how you are going to lose weight, you may find that eDiets can be a bit overwhelming – and that something like DietWatch may be easier for you to handle.

What Does eDiets Offer?


Mayo Clinic Plan

Glycemic Impact Diet


eDiets Alternative to Jenny Craig

eDiets Weight Loss Plan

Bill Phillip's Eating for Life

Slim-Fast Optima Diet

The Blood Type Diet

The Perricone Nutritional Face Lift

New Mediterranean Diet

Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover

Trim Kids


Living with Type 2 Diabetes Plan

Heart Smart Plan

Low Sodium Plan

Cholesterol Lowering Plan

High Fiber Plan


Healthy Soy Plan

Vegetarian Diet

Lactose Free Plan

Low Diet Plan

Wheat Free Meal Plan


eDiets Solutions (online meetings, message boards, professional chats, etc)

eDiets fitness program

eDiets Recipe Club

If you get the complete package (diet, fitness, solutions) it's going to be a bit expensive. In this case you may be better to use another online program that includes all these components at a much more competitive price. The problem with seeking a lower price however is that the quality of the product may or may not be as high. Believe when I recommend that eDiets is worth it even if you only subscribe for a quarter, it's a fantastic way to educate yourself on nutrition and a weight maintaining lifestyle.

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