Ever Wonder Why Mainstream Weight Loss Programs Don't Work?

We may wonder why with all the thousands of diet plans and exercise programs available they fail to help as many as 95 percent of people who embark on them lose any significant amount of weight for the long-term. Well, wonder no more as the reason why they don't work is that they do not address the root cause of why people have become and are stuck in an overweight body – their mind.

The software that your brain runs on is directly related to how your body functions, feels and looks. The brain is the control and command center as this is where all thoughts, emotions and self-beliefs originate and are kept in storage. It is from this deep level of the inner mind that actions are driven or not. For better or worse this is what drives us.

If our thoughts and self-beliefs have become disordered over the years it can make the difference between an overweight body and a slim, fit, healthy one. Misinformation about food, nutrition and dieting mixed in with inherited wisdom and some plain old self-delusion can combine to allow you to gain weight, feel and look less good about yourself.

So to reverse this so you can reclaim your slim body we need to work at getting the brain healthy first so it is working with and for you instead of against you. By harnessing the power of your inner mind programming you can modify thought patterns that may be sabotaging your intended healthy actions (healthy eating and exercise).

Unless you change these they will continue to be roadblocks getting in the way of weight loss success no matter how many diets or exercise programs you begin.

First we need to identify these rogue thoughts and self-beliefs and then we change them for more positive and focused ones to create a successful foundation for you to lose weight and improve wellness. These new messages go deep into your subconscious mind overriding the old destructive brain patterns and these are what affect your behaviors and choices you make from that point on.

This is how you achieve easy and effortless weight loss that lasts. It is also easy to maintain and you will never need to consider going on a harmful diet again. Once you drop more positive and focused new thoughts into your mind you will find you will start making better choices with your food, eat less overall and ENJOY exercise.

You already know these are the things that will get you back in that slim, fit body so you can reach your full potential in life but at the moment for whatever reasons you are not able to make them 'stick' today. But with new strategies and tools you will easily and effortlessly be able to put in place the things that will get you your slim fit body back.

You will find the effects will be immediate and the results will start to show themselves which will make you feel so good as you will know you are on the right track back to slim in the fastest time possible. You will find you will be so inspired and motivated as you will also know "This time it's for real."

Source by Carolyn Hansen

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