Fat Loss For Idiots – Pros & Cons

“The Most Popular Choice”

The Fat Loss For Idiots diet program is the most popular choice for online dieting. Why is that? I think it’s because everyone is tired of complex diets that are complicated to stick with and sometimes confusing to know how to follow. This program was designed so that anybody (yes, even an “idiot”) could use it with great success.

“Calorie Shifting”

One of the main elements behind the theory of this diet program is called “calorie shifting.” This means that instead of focusing on eating a small amount of calories or a small amount of carbs you will be focusing on when you are eating more than on what you are eating. This is a key difference between this diet and more old fashioned diets such as a low calorie diet or a low carb diet.

“The Diet Generator”

Perhaps the #1 reason why this diet is so popular is that it comes with equipped with a diet generator program which actually creates a personalized diet plan just for you based on the foods you like to eat. Don’t you think you will be able to stick with a diet that’s based on the foods that you like to eat?

“Fat Loss For Idiots Pros”

(1) Download online instantly so you can get started right now.

(2) Reveals the diet secrets that will help you to lose weight faster.

(3) Lose 9 pounds every 11 days until you reach your goal weight.

(4) The “calorie shifting” method which makes your body burn fat faster.

(5) The diet generator which creates a diet designed just for you.

“Fat Loss For Idiots Cons”

(1) Requires eating many small meals instead of some big meals. Some people may find this inconvenient. May be difficult for people who do not like to eat so often.

(2) No weekly meetings like Weight Watchers. Some people feel they need that “in person” experience to lose weight successfully.


Obviously there are many more pros than cons when it comes to this extremely popular online diet program which actually creates a diet specifically for you based on your personal tastes.

Source by Kayla Schwinner

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