Healthy Diet Foods: Five Simple Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

Products that claim they can help us lose weight are often exactly the opposite of what we should be looking for in healthy diet foods. If you want to save money, enjoy satisfying and healthy foods, and lose weight all at the same time, there are some very easy ways to do just that, without drinking goopy diet shakes or choking down unsatisfying meal replacement bars. Here are some tips for finding the best healthy diet foods.

Tip #1: Don’t Fall For Packaging Gimmicks

Avoiding anything that is obviously packaged and marketed as a diet food is a good place to begin your quest for healthy diet foods. A good rule to follow involves ingredients. If you can’t understand what is in a food, it is probably best avoided, since many processed foods are laden with chemicals. Another good reason to avoid these foods is that they don’t make contribute to lifelong healthy eating plans. Choosing foods that help you maintain your health rather than simply drop pounds is an important key to successful long term weight loss.

Tip #2: Eat Fresh

Our bodies were designed to take in the energy that fresh, whole, foods naturally contain. By eating fresh, organic foods in a state as close to nature as possible we provide our bodies with good nutrition, especially the important micro-nutrients that are found in fresh foods. Processed diet foods just cannot compete in this arena.

Tip #3: Eliminate Excess Sugars

Many people today suffer from a serious addiction: an addiction to sugar. If you ever find yourself craving carbohydrates or feeling the urge to gobble down an entire box of cookies or bag of candy, then you are probably battling a huge sugar addiction. Healthy diet foods based on good nutrition eliminate all that excess sugar that is causing your weight loss journey to be such a struggle.

Tip #4: Don’t Deprive Yourself

Feelings of deprivation are deadly to any diet plan, which is just one reason why diets that emphasize cutting out entire food groups are rarely long-lasting solutions. When you eat balanced, healthy diet foods that you enjoy, feelings of deprivation will never become a problem. If you know for a fact that the eating plan you have chosen to follow is one that is healthy and wholesome, it is easy to turn your back on old ways. This being said, it’s okay to have a piece of high quality chocolate every now and then. Choose the darkest chocolate you can find, let it melt in your mouth, and really enjoy it. A wonderful treat on occasion is part of a healthy life plan.

Tip #5: Make Every Bite Count

Eliminating sources of empty calories that are not providing your body with nutrients is a great way to ensure that you are following a regimen that works the way it is supposed to. Healthy diet foods come in the form of vegetables and fruits, dairy products, whole grains, and quality protein sources. Focus on eating for health instead of simply worrying about what the scale says, and you will soon find yourself looking and feeling better than ever.

Source by Mary Ann MacKay

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