Hives and Weight Loss – The Relation Between Hives and Excess Weight

The relationship between hives and weight loss is a complicated; the medications used in the treatment; antihistamines, have the side effect of weight gain thus special attention should be given to the patients progress. Extra steps must be taken to balance the weight gained and the needed weight loss to strike balance. Any further gain in weight may be detrimental to the success of the treatment.

Ways to lose weight during urticaria

  1. Use of alternative treatments other than antihistamines. You can use other treatments as natural, homeopathy and home-made solution. The reason for opting for other methods is due to most of the antihistamines having the effect of adding weight in patients.
  2. Exercising; many exercising procedure as weight lifting and aerobics. This exercising assists in burning down the excess fats in the body. The extra fat is always blocking the airways and blood vessels causing the person to experience respiratory problems and cardiac complications.
  3. Use of weight loss diets as negative calories foods; these foods have been proven to have lower calories content that the ones needed to process it in the body. If used the body losses weight with the patient starving oneself. Here the most probable foods are such as the acai berry and most fruits and vegetables.
  4. Normal dieting; a person many practice some of the diet plans that requires you to eat specific foods at specific times of the day. Care should be taken not to starve the already suffering patient.
  5. If the condition is life threatening, surgery can be considered. His perform on individuals that at the risk of fatality and needs urgent weight loss to control and manage eight complications as heart problems and high pretension.
  6. Special medication can also be used as long as they do not react or interfere with the functioning of the antihistamines or steroids used to treat this condition. The drugs achieve weight loss by fastening the digestive and excretion processes while also assisting in breaking of excess fats. They also hinder the accumulation of new fats in the body.

Causes of overweight during hives

  1. The medications used trigger weight gain which hinders the progress of the treatment.
  2. Over eating by the patient due to stress, habits or other reasons. You will find that those affected by the condition are stresses, frustrated and shy away from normal functions hence spend their days watching the television while the food consumed is hardly utilized. This accumulates and weight increases.
  3. Due to being embarrassed by their condition many people fail to appear for work hence their activity level falls. When the body is no made to work and food is consumed the reaction is uncontrolled weight gain.
  4. Lack of basic exercises as walking, running and ordinary day to working.

If the right weight is not achieved when treating urticaria, the effort is rendered useless. It has also been seen to cause other complication that are related or not related to the condition. Some underlying factors are triggered hence complicating the treatment of the illness.

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