How To Create Your Own Simple And CUSTOMIZED Weight Loss Plan In 3 Easy Steps!

Sick and tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing the body you really want? Are you also sick and tired of starting diet after diet and you never find yourself staying committed? Take a couple of minutes out of your day and discover how you can create your own customized weight loss plan that makes it easy for you to not only get AMAZING results… but to also stick with!

Step One:

The first thing you have to do with getting the right plan FOR YOU is to figure out 3 goals.

The first goal is your CORE goal. This would be what you ultimately want your inside and outside body to be period (such as a healthier digestive system, proper blood flow, stronger and healthier heart, recommended body weight, living longer, etc.).

The second goal is your DRIVING goal. This is something that gets you up in the morning and keeps refueling your motivation to live a healthy lifestyle (such as feeling more confident, attracting someone, fitting clothes better, winning a contest, and even earning more money).

Lastly, you have to set SHORT TERM goals. These are very small ATTAINABLE goals that when achieved, add up over time to accomplish your first and second goal above.

Examples of short term goals could be to avoid soda for at least a week, eat 2 servings of fruit everyday for a week, drop 2 pounds in 7 days, etc. These types of goals, when stacked on top of each other… and achieved, greatly increases your overall motivation level!

Step Two:

After you have figured out your 3 goals, now you want to start a journal.

Keeping a journal of your progress and what you’ve done each day is a great way to stay FOCUSED and MOTIVATED to accomplishing all of your goals.

You don’t have to record EVERYTHING, but I definitely recommend at least recording important milestones or setbacks (such as avoiding sugar all day or you noticed yourself craving certain foods at a particular time or event).

Step Three:

Diet in a way that is CUSTOMIZED to YOU, YOUR lifestyle, and YOUR goals!

Most people who start a diet program have a tendency to go for programs that EVERYONE is talking about and going on. The problem is that not every diet will work for… everyone.

For example, some diets are based on reducing carbs. But, if you have a certain type of body and you want to reach specific goals (such as toning up for example), your body NEEDS CARBS!

Another example are those diets that restrict EVERYTHING and they have you doing some weird tactic just to drop a lot of weight as quickly as possible. Not only are those diets ineffective for permanent weight loss, they also can cause health concerns as well.

Now, if you go on a customized NATURAL diet plan that is based on YOUR body type (ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph), that will help you reach YOUR goals, and it is based on EATING all types of foods and NEVER starving yourself, then I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easier and more consistent you’ll reach goals.

Bottom line, to create a weight loss plan that is ideal for YOU and easy to stick to, you have to first determine your goals, then you have to commit to recording your daily progress, and then you have to go on a diet program that is customized particularly for YOU.

Source by Avy Barnes

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