How to Drop Pounds Without Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Medifast, Shakes, Supplements Or Pills

I lost a lot of weight this time without the using the usual suspects of brand name diets, shakes, supplements, meal replacements or diet pills.

Sometimes we get so obsessed with getting thin that we will pursue it at any cost, even if it mean sacrificing our own health and sanity,

I have nothing against brand name diets, I have tried them in the past and I don’t know if I failed them or they failed me but I just couldn’t make them work for the long term.

I would always get off to a good start, lose some weight, hit a plateau, come off the diet try and eat in the real world and gain all the weight back plus more.

I learned that my brain has a set point which acts as a thermostat. It maintains my body weight no matter how unhealthy it may be for me. That unfortunately meant that all of my best attempts to lose weight were thwarted because even at 300 pounds my body wanted to keep me at that weight as it was convinced it was the best weight for me.

No matter what I did, I would gain all the weight back and more within a month or two of coming off the diet.

Part of the reason why was because these diets don’t prepare me for real world eating.

They just told me to eat this many points worth of food or just open this prepackaged meal and microwave it or mix up and drink this sachet.

What I had to get my head around was eating real world food was food that I would have to be eventually eating anyway when I came off the prepackaged portions.

That’s why when I started with my eating plan it was food that I determined for myself, it wasn’t prepackaged, I didn’t have to wait to receive it through the post in order to eat. It was real, whole food I got from the store and prepared myself. 24 weeks and 52 pounds later, I am still eating beautifully this way.

To lose weight, eat real food. Have 5 to 6 smaller meals per day.

I have cheat days where I can go nuts which makes me feel like I’m not dieting. This is the way I will continue to eat because it’s not a diet it’s lifestyle.

Here’s an idea of what I might eat in a day, there are no hard and fast rules and I control how much I feel like eating. The power is back in my own hands.

Meal 1 Fruity French Toast

Meal 2 Bran cereal

Meal 3 Steak With Sweet Potatoes

Meal 4 Pumpkin Seed & Almonds

Meal 5 Chicken With Baked Squash

Source by Sarah A. Wilson

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