How To Start A Diet – 3 Tips For Weight Loss Success

Thinking about starting a new diet? Wondering how to do it successfully?

Most people have dieted at least once in their lifetime. And many of us are just plain burned out when it comes to new weight loss plans, fad diets and quick weight loss plans.

So how do you start a diet and really succeed? Here are 3 tips to make sure you diet successfully and reach your goals this year!

#1 Leave the Past Behind

You may have tried hundreds of diets and weight loss plans. Maybe you’re even sick of hearing the word “diet”.

All of us have weight loss baggage. But if you want to lose weight successfully, you have to leave that baggage in the past.

Forget it. You’re starting something new, something fresh. You’ve learned from the past and now you’re going to use that knowledge to reach your goals once and for all.

If you keep dragging the past with you, you’ll be too “weighed down” to move on to new things.

#2 Focus on Building NEW Habits – Not on Breaking Old Habits

It’s a fact of human psychology – what you focus on you are naturally drawn to. So instead of focusing on avoiding problem foods (“I can’t have chocolate cake or cookies or carbs or chips… ), focus on what you can eat (“I really enjoy fresh berries with greek yogurt”).

Instead of trying to avoid bad habits (like eating too much at night for example), focus on building new healthy habits (like drinking more water throughout your day).

You want to make a concerted effort, especially in the beginning to build new habits, new favorite foods and new ways of thinking about yourself and your body.

This will pay off in the form of new healthier habits that stick with you and work automatically over time to take the weight off.

#3 Be Open To Trying New Ways To Lose Weight

Things change. Times change. And what worked in the past may not always work in the future.

There are lots of different diet and weight loss options today – be open to exploring those options and trying new ways to lose weight.

For example, I always struggled to lose that last 10 pounds – until I tried a diet meal delivery service.

Before, I would break my diet because I would get too busy. Like many women eventually I would end up putting my health last and just grabbing the quickest thing available (which was usually junk food!)

But with a diet delivery service, there was always food on hand, even if I was in a rush. Plus, because I paid for it (and the meals tasted really good), I was determined to stick with it.

A diet delivery service is just one example of a different way of dieting. There are others.

For example, maybe you would benefit from having an online community of supportive people while you try to lose weight. There are lots of online dieting forums you can join to get support.

Or maybe hiring a personal trainer would help you stick to a regular exercise schedule.

Whatever it is, be open to new ways you can lose weight – try them and find out what works for you!

So those are 3 things that will help you start your diet and succeed. Leave your past behind and start fresh. Focus on where you want to go – not where you’ve been. And be open to trying new methods of losing weight.

Do these things and you will reach your weight loss goals – probably a lot faster than you think!

Source by Karen Johnston

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