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Hi, this is Dr. Steve Young

And what you’re about to see has NEVER been shown to the public before…

In fact, most people believe it’s downright impossible.

Because I’m going to show…

…how a secret I uncovered in this drawing…

…Found in Leonardo da Vinci’s long lost journal…

Helped a 73-year-old grandma, who’s been suffering from back pain for over a DECADE…

To get almost INSTANT relief from crippling low back pain and sciatica.

Instead, I showed her a unique and very different method which puts your spine back into perfect alignment…

…Providing immediate relief from pain, bulletproofing your body and becoming completely pain-free in 30 days or less.

So you may be wondering, “if this technique is so effective, why have I never heard of it before?”

Well, most chiropractors, physical therapists and even doctors have never heard of it before.

In fact, I stumbled across it by accident!

It all has to do with this sketch, drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in the year 1510.

This 508-year-old drawing was lost for centuries after Leonardo’s death, before mysteriously appearing in London, England years later.

And in a moment, I’ll show you how this drawing contains the SECRET to realigning your spine, providing INSTANT pain-relief and COMPLETELY eliminating your back-pain in 30 days or less.

But before I show you what this secret is and how YOU can use it from the comfort of your own home, let me introduce myself.

My name is Steve Young and…

After obtaining my Phd in the science of joint pain, I opened a private practice clinic just outside Philadelphia.

And over the last 20 years, I’ve helped more than 7,500 people to treat their back pain once and for all.

People travel from all over the East Coast to come see me, because I have a method, proven by double-blind, peer-reviewed medical research, to help ANYONE who’s suffering from back pain to get INSTANT relief…

… without resorting to chiropractors, pain medication or medical procedures such as steroid injections or surgery.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter about your fitness level. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had back pain for six months or six years. This will work for you.

Now, I understand that may sound too good to be true.

But when I say INSTANT, I mean it. We’re talking long-lasting pain relief in as little as 5-10 minutes per day.

Every week, I have people hobble into my office who have devastating chronic pain. Yet, after just one short session with me, we gently release the pressure on their spinal column, and they walk out pain-free and with a big smile on their face…

For example, take Jerry, a 48-year-old who once booked an emergency appointment with me. Jerry was a tough guy, but he walked into my office breathing like a woman in labor as he tried to manage the pain.

Jerry had suffered from back pain for over 10 years, but had ignored the pain and never seen a professional. But that morning, Jerry bent over to pick the morning paper, when he herniated a disc in his back so badly, the disc was tearing into his spinal nerve. He was in agony!

However, I taught Jerry how to release the pressure on his spine (you’ll learn this exact method in just a moment) and 60 minutes later, Jerry walked out of my office ready to go back to work.

And here’s the best part:

Jerry continued to use my method for 10 minutes each day from the comfort of his own home. And within two weeks, Jerry was pain-free and stayed that way. A decade of back pain, gone in just two weeks.

Or take another client of mine, Cindy. Cindy was a 61-year-old Grandma, who had been suffering from back pain for over 30 years.

Cindy’s back pain started when she was pregnant with her first child, but even after her pregnancy, the pain continued to intensify.

Eventually, her pain was so bad she couldn’t fall asleep at night. In desperation, she turned to pain pills and became dependent, unable to leave the house without taking a Vicodin.

After DECADES of taking pain medication, Cindy’s health spiraled out of control. Her back pain continued to get worse, and one day, she woke up and found her left foot was paralysed!

She couldn’t wiggle her toes. She couldn’t stand without support. And she was terrified that she might never walk again.

Cindy came into my office in a wheelchair with her husband by her side, and I began to examine her.

It was clear Cindy was suffering from a very dangerous condition called “Drop Foot”. The nerves connecting her spine and her leg had been pinched so badly, for so many years, she risked becoming paralysed for LIFE.

Right there in my office, I taught Cindy how to release the trouble pressure points that were causing her trapped nerve and chronic back pain.

Within moments, we were able to regain some of the feeling in her foot. It put the biggest smile on her face. She had hope once again.

I told Cindy to continue using the method I taught her for ten minutes every day from home.

Her recovery was miraculous.

While it takes medical doctors two years to treat a “drop foot”, it took Cindy just six weeks . She regained TOTAL control of her foot, had given her wheelchair to charity and her pain was completely gone.

It’s success stories like these which is why medical researchers are calling my secret…

Now, a lot of what you’re about to see will shock you to your core (particularly when we get into talking about Leonardo da Vinci).

When I first discovered this information for myself, I was extremely skeptical. I just didn’t believe INSTANT back-pain relief was possible… without pain medication, clueless chiropractors or endless visits to the doctor.

So I turned to the only type of information I can trust: scientific, evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical research studies (many of which I’ve quoted on this page so you can know everything I’m saying is 100% substantiated and confirmed by research)

Now, in just a second, I’ll reveal exactly what my secret is.

And I’ll also show you…

And finally, I’ll introduce you to a groundbreaking new and very different method of eliminating back pain, which realigns your spine and provides INSTANT relief from your very first 10-minute session…

… While completely eliminating all your back pain, healing bulging discs and releasing trapped nerves… all in 30 days or less.

Remember, this method has been proven to work based on my experience treating over 7,500 patients out of my clinic in Philadelphia..

And best of all, this method requires zero equipment, you can do it from the comfort of your own home and it’s doctor approved so you know it’s completely safe.

But first, I want to reveal one of the single biggest LIES you’ve been told about your pain.

And that is, “It’s impossible to treat back pain after 40”

Well, the truth is….

That’s right, it’s EASIER for men and women over 40 to treat their back pain.

In fact, one study found back pain peaks at age 37, and becomes increasingly easy to fix.

However, this all depends on whether or not you’re able to release the pressure points which are throwing your spine out of alignment and causing your pain.

In a moment, I’m going to show you exactly how my method works.

It’s called “Targeted Spinal Release” and it’s my secret weapon for eliminating back pain.

But before we get into the method, I want you to know, if you’re suffering from low back pain… It’s NOT your fault.

Let me say it again…

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans suffer with low back pain.

So many people around the world are suffering from back pain, that Dr Oz has called it an epidemic.

And things are only getting worse. The number of people suffering from back pain has increased by 95% in just the last 15 years.

But scariest of all, 72% of people with back pain are using pain medication. And 20% are receiving long-term opioid prescriptions (which is truly terrifying when in 2016, there were 14,500 opioid related deaths)

Now, while this is alarming, please do not lose hope. Because in a moment, I’m going to show you my unique, yet very effective method to eliminate back pain in just 10-minutes per day.

But, I do need to warn you.

If you try and take this journey all on your own – without a proven back pain expert whose methods have been proven by thousands of patients to completely eliminate back pain in 30 days or less – the odds are stacked against you.

So, I hope I’ve got your attention, because if you’re suffering from back pain…

…This groundbreaking discovery from Leonardo da Vinci will be the most important thing you ever learn.

It’s so powerful that it’s being called…

You probably know Leonardo da Vinci as the creator of some of history’s greatest ever art pieces.

And most famous of all, the Mona Lisa.

Without question, Leonardo was one of the greatest artists to have ever lived. But Leonardo’s genius went far beyond his mysterious paintings.

Not many people know this, but Leonardo was first and foremost, a biologist.

The human body was his obsession.

Leonardo’s life work was to publish a comprehensive treatise on human anatomy.

He arranged his studies into collections known as “codices”, many as long as books, and each with hundreds of sketches and detailed drawings.  

He dissected over 30 human corpses, and sketched detailed depictions of muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and bones.

Many of these drawings were so accurate, detailed and advanced, that he was HUNDREDS of years ahead of his peers.

In fact, in a project presented by the Royal Collection Trust in the UK, Leonardo’s drawings were found to be just as detailed as modern X-rays and MRI machines.

Remember, Leonardo completed his work in the early 1500s when Europe was devoid of real science.

The Dark Ages were just ending and medicine at the time mostly came from the Bible and ancient philosophers.

And most of that was laced with superstition, or flat out, totally wrong.

Most people thought illness was a form of divine punishment rather than anything to do with biology.

Leonardo didn’t buy into the superstition, instead getting to work unravelling the mysteries of the human body.

At the time of his death in 1519, Leonardo had filled over 7,000 bulky journals with his exceptionally detailed drawings of the human body.

After his death, these journals were mysteriously either lost or stolen, and they remained that way for hundreds of years.

It wasn’t until 1690, when Leonardo’s artwork was becoming famous, that these journals turned up in Britain, but even then no one knew of the gold they contained.

From 1690, they were held in the Royal Collection in London, where they would lay unread unappreciated and unpublished for hundreds of years.

Eventually, historians began to go through these journals one by one. And when they found this page and this drawing, they wouldn’t believe what they found.

That’s right, “Rapid Spinal Degeneration” is the true cause of your low back pain.

But what does that actually mean?

Let’s look again at this image found in da Vinci’s journal. You’ll see two side-by-side images of the human spine.

Notice how both spinal columns are very different shapes.

One of these spines has what we call an “S-curve” while the other has a “J-curve”.

Let’s look first at the “S-curve”.

An “S-curved” spine is one which has undergone rapid spinal decay. In my clinic, I refer to this as “Grandma Spine”.

The S-shape is a clear sign a person has some type of back pain, or is at risk of herniating a disc, having trapped nerve damage or sciatic pain.

Then we have the “J-curve”.

In my clinic, I call this “Athletic Spine” as it is a spinal column with excellent structural integrity, similar to that of an athlete.

You’ll notice the back is almost flat until the bottom where it curves at the perfect angle.

Fascinatingly, there are many indigenous tribes where every member of the tribe has a J-curved spine…

… In these tribes, which can be found in the mountains of Ecuador, tiny fishing towns in Portugal or remote villages in West Africa… back pain is non-existent!

Even if we look at the spines from fossilized bodies, or look at statues from Ancient Greece, we see these J-curved spines everywhere.

So, the question is, how does a perfectly healthy J-curved spine (which we’re all born with) turn into a nasty, crooked, painful S-curved spine?

Well, it all comes down to these…

Rounds Your Upper Back Giving You A Hunchback Of Notre Dame & Making It Darn Near Impossible To Treat Back Pain.

The first characteristic of an “S-curved spine” is the beginning of a hunchback, or rounding of the upper back.

So why does it happen? In a word…

The average american sits for a shocking 13 hours a day.

And a 2017 study by the American Physical Therapy Association found that 54% of patients with back pain spent most of their workday sitting.

You see, no one ever teaches us how to sit properly. So most people sit in a way which pulls their spine out of alignment. As you sit over a computer, watching TV, or even while “just relaxing”…

… Your shoulders and neck are pulled forward. As Newton said, every action has an equal and opposite Reaction.

So as your shoulders are pulled forward, your back has to round forming a “hunchback” to compensate.

Over time, your upper back muscles get weaker and weaker, your rounded back gets worse and worse… and back pain is the inevitable result.

This process is called “Kyphosis”. And in just a second, I’ll show you exactly how to put your upper spine back into perfect alignment, healing kyphosis and providing instant relief from back pain.

Sends 60 Pounds Of Intense Pressure Onto Your Spinal Column Making Neck & Low Back Pain Even Worse…

As your upper back rounds, it has the nasty side effect of pushing your head forward.

This creates something called “Ugly Forward Head Posture” and the consequences are devastating.

When your head is pushed forward (this happens when you sit down, drive, work at a computer, watch TV and even when you look at your phone) it creates an additional 60 pounds of force going through your spinal column!

Just imagine a 60 pound dumbell going through one of the discs in your spine. Is it any wonder 10 million americans suffer from neck pain (as well as headaches and migraines caused by ugly forward head posture) every single year…

This doesn’t just make your back pain even worse because of all the extra pressure. It also causes nasty neck pain which can lead to headaches that debilitate you and rendering you unable to work or spend time with your family.”

But there’s good news. There’s a process I’ll be teaching you in just a moment which releases this 60 pounds of pressure from your upper spine, aligning all of your spinal discs and eliminating pain over the long-term.

Dangerously Increases Your Risk Of Herniated Discs, Trapped Nerves & Sciatic Pain (Making Your Back Pain Even Worse)

We looked earlier at how excess sitting leads to kyphosis (rounding of the upper back), but what does sitting do to your lower spine?

This is where “anterior pelvic tilt” or “lordosis” comes in.

Lordosis is when the curve at the base of your spine becomes overextended, and it puts you at dangerous risk of herniated discs, trapped nerves and sciatic pain.

Well, as you sit down all day, your hip flexor muscles, also known as iliopsoas become extremely tight.

Your iliopsoas muscles connect directly into your spine at disc L3 and L4. So when these muscles are overly tight, they pull, yank and twist on the L3 and L4 discs.

These discs are then pulled out of place on a very consistent basis leading to a huge overextension at your lower back.

The result? Extreme back pain which only gets worse over time, and which will require surgery if not attended to (lordosis is the cause of 700,000 vertebral fractures per year!)

And to make matters worse, this curve in your spine actually makes you look 20 pounds heavier than you really are! This is because the exaggerated curve pushes your belly forward making you look big and chubby.

While the main culprit are tight hip flexors, the problem is made exponentially worse by weak core muscles, weak glutes and tight hamstrings.

So what can you do about this?

Well, in just a moment I’m going to show you a very unique and different method you can use to realign your hips, release your hip flexors and put your spine back into perfect alignment so you can eliminate pain.

Look, if you’re going to get out of pain, you need to start doing something different.

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, your back pain is just going to get worse.

But the good news is, no matter how bad your back pain may be, or how old you are, it’s NEVER too late to reverse Rapid Spinal Degeneration…

But if you’re going to do that, you need to understand that…

In order to treat your back pain once and for all, and FINALLY take back control from pain:

But most doctors won’t tell you this. They’re too busy lining their pockets with the profits from the pharmaceutical companies who are conspiring to keep you in pain.

Here’s the sad thing:

Most doctors will never tell you this information. Yes, some of them are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, but the biggest problem is…

…Most medical doctors don’t understand the science of back pain.

They’ve never read the thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journals around back pain. They’d rather give you band-aid solutions like pain pills, ineffective chiropractic techniques, or put you under the knife for a dangerous surgery.

They’re simply clueless. So instead of going the traditional medical route (which has an embarrassingly low success rate)…

…I recommend you use…

Look, it’s NOT your fault you haven’t been able to treat your back pain.

You’ve been LIED to (everyone has).

Instead, what you need is a BRAND NEW APPROACH THAT:

And I’m proud to say that such a method does in fact exist!

So why is “Targeted Spinal Release” the fastest and easiest way to INSTANTLY eliminate low back pain, and eliminating low back pain once and for all?

Targeted Spinal Release alleviates the three major pressure points in your spine. By releasing this pressure, you put your back into perfect alignment.

This isn’t just the best way to eliminate low back pain. It’s the ONLY way for anyone to get permanent and long-lasting results.

You see, by the time you reach 40, your spine has accumulated so much stress on these pressure points, that your back is badly out of alignment.

And forget about an adjustment from a chiropractor. That’s just a temporary fix which will put your spine back into alignment, but doesn’t deal with the root cause, which is the excess stress on your pressure points.

This truly is an unfair advantage for anyone suffering from low back or sciatic pain.

From your very first 10-minute session of Targeted Spinal Release, you can expect INSTANT pain relief.

Now, I know that’s a big claim but that’s exactly what happens.

It’s as simple as releasing the pressure points in your spinal column, releasing trapped nerves, healing bulged discs and soothing sciatic pain.

And it takes just 10-minutes of Targeted Spinal Release to achieve this result.

And imagine the POWER and CONTROL that gives you over your life. Anytime pain flares up, whether it’s first thing in the morning, or when you’re lying in bed at night in agony…

… Just use Targeted Spinal Release and your pain will be greatly eliminated in just 10-minutes.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll take 10-minutes each day to use the Targeted Spinal Release to realign your spine and release the pressure on your three stubborn pain points. By elongating your spine, you’ll eliminate much of your tension providing INSTANT relief.

Throughout the day, you’ll naturally find yourself getting stiff and tight, as your spine slowly moves back out of alignment. When this happens, use this simple 30-second movement which you can use anywhere, anytime and immediately put your spine back into perfect and pain-free alignment.

Finally, you’ll use this third movement at key moments throughout the day (for example, when you need to stand out of a chair, or lie down in bed) to protect and strengthen your spine. During these key moments of the day, you have a hugely increased risk of doing damage to your spine, but this third movement will protect you. Plus, it’s such a simple and easy movement, no one will even know you’re doing it!

Now, at this point, you may be wondering…

My name is Steve Young, Ph.D. and I’m the creator of the Targeted Spinal Release method.

After, getting my Bachelors in Kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University and my Masters and Clinical Doctorate in physical therapy from Drexel.

I opened up a private practice clinic just outside Philadelphia called “Body Solutions”.

And over the last two decades, I’ve helped 7,500+ patients to treat their back pain one-on one.

During this time, I’ve built a huge name for myself with people coming from all over the East Coast to come and see me.

I have a reputation for taking the most difficult and extreme cases of back pain in men and women…

…we’re talking people whose doctors are suggesting urgent surgery and people who have had back pain for 10 or 20 years. People who thought they had tried everything.

And I’ve been able to help them get IMMEDIATE relief from back pain…

… And enjoy a completely pain-free life in just 30-days.

But again, it’s not because I’m so special. It’s simply the power of “Targeted Spinal Release”.

Targeted Spinal Release is so simple and easy to use, that literally ANYONE can use it…

…And it involves ZERO medication, surgery, chiropractors, doctors or any gimmicks.

Instead, it’s a simple, straightforward and highly effective method which only requires 10-minutes per day.

But what you really need to know about me is…

For years now, my clients have shared their stories with me of how they tried EVERYTHING to treat their back pain, but just couldn’t find anything that resulted in long-lasting pain relief until they found me.

They kept telling me the same thing again and again: “Steve, you need to write a book. You need to share Targeted Spinal Release with the world”.

A lot of my friends have published books and have been deeply disappointed when the publishers and editors take over control of the content, leave out important details and quite frankly, screw up their information altogether.

So after hearing these horror stories, I was discouraged.

Besides, I didn’t want to write some big, long 200-page book full of scientific research and platitudes (which is what the editors wanted me to do).

Instead, I wanted to provide a simple, easy to follow guide, which anyone could easily understand and implement in 10 minutes or less.

I wanted to create the simplest, and easiest to follow back pain program ever created.

I just didn’t know how.

So I kept working away in my clinic, helping more and more people to get instant relief from back pain, and to get completely pain-free within 30 days.

I loved it, but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think of people like you.

The millions of people worldwide who are out there, suffering in silence, lying awake at night and popping pain medication…

… All in a desperate effort to get some relief from their pain.

I thought of the mothers who’ve been missing out on valuable time with their kids. Who’ve had to turn to pain medication just to get through the day.

I thought of the fathers who’ve been in agony, potentially having to call out of work because their pain was so bad. Who have now called out of work so many times they are worried about losing their job, their financial stability and their ability to support their family.

I knew I had to do something.

I searched far and wide, speaking to as many publishers as I could to figure out my options.

That was when a friend of mine, Matt, suggested that I self-publish.

I began to look deeper into self-publishing, and was shocked at just how much work it was going to be.

However, I know that if it allows me to help 1 million people to eliminate their back pain once and for all… then it will have been the best decision of my life!

So here’s what I did.

And FINALLY, after MONTHS of work, I’m finally ready to release it to the world.

It’s called “The Back Pain Breakthrough”

First, you’ll get full access to the…

“Where you’ll discover exactly how to treat your back pain and become completely pain-free within 30 days or less”

In the Back Pain Breakthrough: 6 part Video Masterclass you’ll discover…

In total, this video masterclass is over 90 minutes long and you’re going to get everything you need to strengthen and realign your spine, switch on inactive muscles and get and STAY pain-free.

But that’s not all…

Because I’m also going to give you two additional bonuses today.

First, you’ll receive an additional bonus guide called…

“Where you’ll discover the world’s most effective method for permanently eliminating back pain”.

Inside the Targeted Spinal Release section you’ll discover…

As you can see, this manual is absolutely jam-packed with content, step-by-step instructions with detailed pictures and everything you need to get and stay pain-free.

But we’re STILL not done, because I have one final, incredible bonus offer I’d like to share with you.

“Where you’ll discover my most advanced back-pain treatment methods and discover how to CUSTOMIZE your treatment process… All from the comfort of your own home”.

Inside the Accelerated Healing Techniques, you’ll discover…

So that’s everything that you get with the program.

To summarize, you get full and INSTANT ACCESS to…

And you may be wondering, how much does it all cost?

Well that’s the best part! You see…

Since I’m completely new to the world of self-publishing, I had no idea what I should charge for the Back Pain Breakthrough.

After all, Targeted Spinal Release is the EXACT method I would teach you if you came into my office.

Now, my clients pay for my services through their insurance which is a great deal for them. But between you and me, the insurance companies rank me in top tier of pain-relief clinics. This means I get to charge them a LOT of money.

But I just couldn’t do it.

Remember, my purpose in life is to help 1 MILLION people to treat their back pain once and for all.

And I know that money is tight for a lot families, so I wanted to make the program really affordable.

Since you’ve watched this video almost all the way to the end, I know you’re really serious about getting out of pain, and I know you’re going to take action now.

This is literally the deal of a lifetime.

However, you need to take action right now! If you’re ready, go ahead and click that “Add To Cart” below to get started.

Now, you may be thinking “Steve, what if this program doesn’t work for me?” Well, that’s why I want to show you…

When I designed the Back Pain Breakthrough, I wanted to take all of the risk off of your shoulders and put it completely onto my own.

I wanted to make this an irresistible, no-brainer offer for you so here’s what I’m going to do for you to sweeten the deal even more:

It’s called my…

“Pain Free In 30 Days Or I’ll Pay For Your Physical Therapy Myself!” money-back guarantee!

Sign up for the Back Pain Breakthrough program today. Watch the 6-part video masterclass, read the follow-along, step-by-step ebooks and use Targeted Spinal Release for just 10-minutes per day.

If by the end of 30-days, you aren’t COMPLETELY pain-free, then let me know and I’ll give you an unconditional, no-questions-asked refund.

But, I’m not going to stop there..

I’m so confident Targeted Spinal Release will work for you, that even if you ask for a refund, I’ll let you keep the program. That way, when you’re still suffering from back pain a few months from now, you can come back to the program and use it to get pain-free once and for all.

Yes, a couple of people may screw me over by placing an order and then immediately asking for a refund.

But I still want to make this offer because I care more about helping you eliminate back pain once and for all, than I do about making a profit.

But there’s more! You see, if you meet my four criteria proving to me that you truly gave Targeted Spinal Release your best shot and it still didn’t work, then…

That’s right, if you’ve truly gone through the program, and given it your best shot and it really didn’t work for you…

No one else will make you an offer like this, but no one else is as confident as I am in their product. I know Targeted Spinal Release will work for you.

It’s already worked beautifully for over 7,500 of my clients at my clinic.

And I KNOW it’s going to work for you as well.

Now, before you go ahead and place your order for the program, I wanted to show you some of the amazing science which has been done on Targeted Spinal Release to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will work for you.

First, I want to show you how using Targeted Spinal Release has been proven to…

A study published in the Medical Journal of Sports Medicine conducted a large scale study on soccer players to test the theory, do muscle imbalances, particularly in the hips and lower spine, the key areas associated with back pain, lead to a higher rate of injury.

They took data from 687 active soccer players, measured their muscular imbalances and followed up with them several months later to determine who had been injured and how.

What they found shocked even the researchers.

It turns out, even a small muscle imbalance in the hip from left to right (for example, if your right side is stronger than your left side), you increased your risk of injury by 289%!

But here’s the craziest part. By using Targeted Spinal Release, you fix your muscle imbalances in your hips and hence decrease your chance of injury by THREE TIMES.

Another study, this time published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine measured a different muscle imbalance. This time they measured how an imbalance between your quadricep and hamstring affect your likelihood of injury.

This time, they found by eliminating this imbalance, it decreased risk of injury by 1,700%!

Bottom line: Targeted Spinal Release will bulletproof your body making you stronger and more injury-proof than ever before… regardless of your age!

But that’s not all. Targeted Spinal Release can even help you to…

And the annual per capita expenditures for patients with back pain is 1.6 times higher than those without back pain!

That comes from data from a Duke University Medical Center research study who found back pain patients spend 60% MORE on health care.

As you can see on the table on the left, the averages are ALL significantly higher for the back pain patients.

But here’s the good news:

Or in other words, your small investment in the Back Pain Breakthrough pays for itself 44 TIMES over!

Now, before we finish here, I want to share one final study showing how Targeted Spinal Release can…

It makes me uncomfortable to talk about this, but I feel like we have to.

And that’s the link between back pain, depression.

While we speak of pain as a physical sensation, it’s really a mental sensation. The true impact of pain is on our emotions.

The real reason people take pain medication is to end the mental torment going on in their own mind.

This is why 39.5% of people who have back pain, also have some form of depression.

And adults in pain are THREE times as likely to be in poor health, and FOUR times more likely to experience serious psychological stress than people without low back pain.

And scariest of all, data from the Center for Health Services has shown that the risk of suicide was two to three times higher in patients with chronic pain.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you’re suffering from depression or low-level anxiety, eliminating your back pain might be the best place to start.

A life with back pain is no life at all, which I believe it’s so important you take action NOW to treat your back pain naturally and effortlessly from the comfort of your own home.

But to end on a happy note:

Targeted Spinal Release has been shown to release the neurotransmitter GABA, which is known as one of your brains “happy chemicals”.

GABA has a similar mental effect to alcohol, calming anxiety, slowing down your thinking and making you feel happier right away. Except it has none of the side effects of alcohol. It also counteracts the neuroanatomical effects of chronic pain.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Compared found that for every 10-minutes of using Targeted Spinal Release, it increased GABA levels by 4.5%… A very noticeable improvement!

So as you can see, the benefits of Targeted Spinal Release go WAY beyond just getting out of pain.

This is something which impacts every area of your health and life.

Now, before we go any further, I want to answer a question I get a lot.

If you have had chronic lower back, neck or sciatica pain for more than 6 months, and even if “you’ve tried everything” from doctors to chiropractors to physical therapists, then the Back Pain Breakthrough is perfect for you…

If You’ve Been To Every Doctor, Physician, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor or Masseuse In Your City And You’re Still In Pain, Then The Back Pain Breakthrough is perfect for you…

If you’re popping dangerous liver destroying pills like Tylenol, Oxycodone & muscle relaxers, and you’ve been taking them like candy for years, then the Back Pain Breakthrough is perfect for you….

If your back pain is so bad that it’s almost impossible to fall asleep at night and you think to yourself, “Is this really what God had planned for me?”, then the Back Pain Breakthrough is perfect for you…

If you hate exercise or stretching and struggle to find time in your busy schedule to make room for it, then the Back Pain Breakthrough is perfect for you….

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or over 70 and you think, “I’m too old, my body just won’t respond because of my age.” OR… “My body is too far past prime and it’s as good as done.”, then the Back Pain Breakthrough is perfect for you…

We’re almost at the end of this video.

Before you click below and place your order of the Back Pain Breakthrough getting INSTANT access to the Targeted Spinal Release method…

… I want to give you one final message. And that is…

I want to tell you a quick story about one of my clients, her name was Joyce.

Joyce was in her 40s but the arthritis in her back was so severe, she could hardly even walk!

Just 10 minutes on her feet was torture.

The worst part was, she had two young children but she was in such pain, it was difficult to play with them, or look after them properly. She felt like she was missing out on their entire childhood.

Joyce saw physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and eventually she found herself in doctors offices.

The doctors all had the same answer for Joyce: Surgery.

The reason the doctors were suggesting surgery was because of her herniated disc. It was starting to slide and if this continued…

… There was a high chance the disc would cut through her spinal cord leaving her permanently paralyzed from the waist down!

Joyce was DEVASTATED! She knew exactly how invasive the surgery was and wanted to avoid it at all costs.

Your back probably isn’t as bad as Joyce’s was. But over time, things are only going to get worse.

Your disc may soon begin to slide towards your spinal nerve also…

So don’t be surprised if one day, you bend down to pick something up, hear a crunch and all of a sudden you can’t breathe because the pain is so bad…

That’s how sudden these things can happen, so don’t be surprised if this happens to you.

I’m happy to say Joyce’s story has a happy ending

I taught Joyce the Targeted Spinal Release method and she began using it daily.

Within three weeks, she could easily walk for 30 minutes with zero pain

(Remember, when she first came into my office, she couldn’t stand for ten minutes, never mind walk)

And just a few weeks after that, Joyce was completely pain-free.

It was a remarkable transformation. Going from the verge of needing surgery and facing the prospect of being paralyzed from the waist down, to being pain-free in just a few weeks.

All WITHOUT steroid injections, endless chiropractic sessions, expensive doctor bills and most importantly of all……

This is the power of Targeted Spinal Release…

To get INSTANT ACCESS to the Back Pain Breakthrough and IMMEDIATELY get started with Targeted Spinal Release method.

Here’s what you need to do…

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Take just 60 seconds to enter your personal information and you’ll then receive an email with your exclusive download link to get started with the program.

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It literally couldn’t be any easier.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead, click the button, and lets get started

Now, the way I see it, you’re standing at the crossroads, and you’ve got three options:

Option 1: Do nothing. Take everything you just read on this page, bury your head in the sand and forget about it. Throw away your newfound optimism that a life without pain is possible, and go back to the days of hopelessness and despair. Continue to tell yourself that back pain is just a natural part of getting older, and live the rest of your days in agony.

Option 2: Try and do it all yourself. Spend hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out for yourself, before FINALLY finding a solution after YEARS of trial and error. Try to read all the peer reviewed medical research by yourself, and travel all across the country meeting with the world’s top back pain experts (like I’ve done), before FINALLY figuring out a natural method that works for you.

Then there’s Option 3, the smart option, the intelligent option, the risk-free option.

Join the Back Pain Breakthrough today.

If you’re ready to take back control and get pain-free for the first time in MONTHS or even YEARS… Then you know what to do.

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Just remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose today, and in fact, you aren’t really even paying anything today.

Instead, you’re just taking the program for a test drive.

Because if you aren’t pain-free within 30 days, just let me know and I’ll immediately give you an unconditional, no-questions-asked refund.

So go ahead right now and sign up for the Back Pain Breakthrough and I’ll see you in the program.

I Want Instant Access To “The Back Pain Breakthrough”!

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