Is Starving Helpful for Weight Loss?

Obesity throughout the world has more than doubled since 1980. The reason behind obesity is imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended which results in accumulation of fat in the body. An increased intake of high calorie food, physical inactivity due to changing work environment, modes of transportation, etc have increased the rate of obese people.

Nowadays obese people are following some fad dieting to lose weight. However, starving has become a common phenomenon as one thinks losing weight is possible while starving. It is true that fasting will result in short-term weight loss, however fasting can cause more harm than good.

Dangers of fasting

You will lose weight, when you reduce your calorie intake. But it can invite different health problems. Muscle loss, decrease in hemoglobin, fatigue are some of the major problems faced by people who are starving. Moreover, when you are fasting, your body will go into conservation mode, and thus you will burn calories slowly. When you go back to normal eating, you will regain all the weight, which is more likely to be fat.

How much calorie is necessity for the body?

It is not clear how low one can go while starving. However, it is necessary to maintain 1200 calories per day for a healthy diet. Otherwise, the body will start conserving fat, making weight loss difficult.

Alternative to starving

Starving is not a solution for weight loss. There are many other alternatives to starving for figure correction. One can join a gym and get proper training for weight loss. While hitting the gym, one can lose fat from particular parts of the body. You can concentrate on figure correction and get a perfect figure you have always been looking forward to. Alternatively, you can ban fizzy drinks and junk foods completely from your daily food habits. Consumption of burgers, pastas, pizzas, and other such foods can be harmful. It is better to eat fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, oats, wheat and dairy products and other such food items that will help you lose weight fast and easily. Even herbal medicines or vitamins for weight loss are a good option that makes you lose weight easily. These medicines are readily available in the market. One can buy such medicines from the shop or internet sites for weight loss. Make sure that you buy herbal medicines that are made from natural herbs, parts of plant, etc. They do not have any side effects too.

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