Is Weight Loss by Dancing Possible? Simple Tips on Dancing Your Way to a Healthy Body

Can you achieve real weight loss by simply taking up dancing classes?

Yes you can as it is an excellent form of exercise and increased heart rate. The effectiveness of the dancing depends on the routine you chose. A waltz will use fewer calories than a salsa.

Going to a dance class is a great way to kick start your exercise program. You are more likely to keep going if you enjoy the activity. Combine having fun whilst trying to lose weight and you will increase your chances of successfully fitting into smaller outfits.

But dancing alone won’t be sufficient to lose much weight. You will erase your hard work if you come home from dance class and eat fatty foods. When trying to lose pounds, you need to watch both your diet and your exercise program. Dancing will help to tone your body whilst losing calories but you also need to address your diet.

When trying to lose weight the first thing we should do is assess our current diet. What are your weak spots? Some people can’t go to work without their favorite latte or chocolate drink with whipped cream.

It is little treats like this that can play havoc with your waist line and healthy lifestyle…

Another trick to try is to ditch the word diet. As soon as you say you are on a diet, your body will start craving all those foods that you can’t have. Instead adopt a healthy eating plan and don’t have any list of banned foods.

Join a support group either online or try weight watchers or a similar program. You are more likely to lose pounds and stick to a healthy eating program if you have the support of other people in a similar situation. We will all have days where we find sticking to healthy eating particularly difficult. There is nothing better than speaking to someone else who knows exactly what you are going through.

Start reading food labels and pay attention to the nutritional content of what you consume. You will be surprised at what “normal” foods contain. I was astounded by the numerous names for sugar. You need to look for lactose, glucose, sweeteners and not just sugar. I was shocked to find that sugar is included in cooked ham. Without looking at labels, I would be eating a lot more calories than I thought. Education and knowledge is your best defence against calories.

Set realistic goals otherwise you will fail before you start. It is much better to lose a couple of pounds a week than to try and lose 100 pounds in a month. Studies have shown that gradually losing weight is the best way as you are more likely to keep the weight off. Those that lose pounds too quickly often find that they gain back more pounds than they lost in the first place.

Whatever method you select to lose pounds, remember to have fun. Life is far too short to make yourself miserable by weighing yourself every day. Only use those scales once a week. Healthy eating combined with weight loss by dancing is a great start to your new lifestyle.

Source by Peyton Paige

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