Keeping the Faith – Or Flavor, My Little Calorie Quashers! Keeping Low Fat Food Flavorful!

And I mean little, because we're all getting there! Here's to kicking it up a notch low fat (WW) style! (I will give a little explanation where I feel it is necessary!) ALL ZERO, I MEAN 0 POINT ADDITIONS IF YOU ARE A WEIGHT WATCHER!

Frank's Red Hot – This is not for the heat, but for the flavor! You know that commercial where the little old woman says, "I put that * @ $ # on everything!"? Here is a for instance: If you are making something that seems a little bland and you don't really know what it needs, try a DROP (and I mean DROP) of Red Hot, it somehow brings the flavor up on all different sorts of things! Now you can experiment with more drops, but let it cook a bit first! Good for liquids and sauces! (This stuff is not just for making Mexican and spicy dishes, it will work in a white sauce that just needs a little flavor boost!)

Crushed Red Pepper – see above – but for things that are not as "liquid" In this medium we are going for a DASH!

Garlic Powder – not garlic salt … need I say more?

Onion Powder – ditto my darlings!

Italian Seasoning and / or Basil, Oregano, Parsley – Great to put on skinless boneless chicken or any other type of meat, to bake up with a good Italian flavor

Grill Seasoning – same principle as above, different flavor!

Lemon juice – great on baked or broiled fish – with some buttery spray for the great taste and no extra points!

Different vinegar flavors – apple cider, red wine, white wine, balsamic and plain old white! Vinegar helps tenderize meat!

Rosemary – great Italian flavor, try a little in your veggie lasagna to give it a more authentic flavor!

Cumin – anytime you want that Mexican flavor – Cumin is your friend! Throw a little in your eggbeaters for a little Southwest Breakfast!

Paprika – gives things a little smoky flavor (very mild you can use it just for color, if you baking chicken or fish and it just looks too white and unappetizing!)

Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment a little! Like Real Estate, but instead of location, location, location we are looking for flavor, flavor, flavor !!

Source by Julie Wilber

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