Know Your Weight Loss and Diet Fads

Society constantly reminds us of our bodily imperfections. Magazines always portray perfectly ripped abs and muscular bodies in the front page while talk shows feature no less than these super fit models. The idea that perhaps, somewhere out there, there's someone that's in a far worse condition than us is no longer a personal comfort – not while media and societal pressure continues to say what reality is to all of us.

This is obviously the main reason why so many people turn to fad diets and other programs that take extreme measures to lose weight. People want to feel a little better about their bodies, and they think that this is an easy way out. While there are instances where a person might need to take extreme weight loss measures, such as those who are incredibly overweight, it's very dangerous to find this mindset in the head of the average guy or girl. By average, we mean just people who are fairly healthy – not too fat and not too thin – but just have messed up perceptions about dieting.

These are the kind of people who are in great risk of inflicting all sorts of irreversible damage upon themselves. As a result, they'll probably end up being worse off than they were before taking these extreme diet measures. These people will believe and try anything: from milkshakes that promise instant weight loss to all sorts of magical weight loss pills and other substances that feature special "ingredients" that will make him or her look like that model on the magazine.

And this is what's so sad about people who want to be like those models. These people don't really exist. As a matter of fact, these models are people who probably never used to products they're indorsing, such that they became healthy not through these magical products but through years of hard work and perseverance. There are also those models that don't really look the way they do in real life as they would in the pictures – that's thanks to digital editing. People should know that when they're planning to follow these people, they're attempting to follow something that's nearly impossible to achieve.

People should remind themselves that the most important part of losing weight and having a fit body is being self-contented and happy about oneself. People get blinded by the images of media too much that something as basic as this is forgotten. So even if you do end up being paper thin through anorexia, you still don't feel healthy and happy, even when you've achieved the "desired" look.

So the goal is not to be thin. It's to be healthy and happy. You simply can't get this from diet fads.

Source by Mariya Wordsworth

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