Learn the Ropes of Chicken Nutrition Facts

Chicken, like most other meats, is a good source of protein, and is rich in vitamin B as well. It is basically considered to be a good food item for a weight loss diet. The skin of the chicken, however, has a very high fat content and the calories will vary in the different chicken brands, depending upon the presence of the skin. Because of it, chicken nutrition facts can vary substantially between two brands. Besides, nutrition facts can vary in different chicken preparations also, based upon the way each dish is cooked, and on the spices that are used in cooking it. Do not use too much oil or butter when you prepare it.

The internet does contain some information on chicken nutrition facts but it is not always fully reliable mainly because of the different calorie count of different brands of chicken. However, many of the brands do display chicken nutrition facts prominently on the wrapper itself. This is extremely helpful to weight watchers who are always alert about the nutritive value of what they are consuming. In the same way, many fast food joints also provide the nutrition facts of their chicken upon request. In cases where they do not provide it, the website of the chain would definitely be having it.

It is not just the brand of the chicken that will decide the facts but also whether the chicken is boneless or skinless. Chicken skin is high in fat content, and the presence of bone also alters the calorie content. When there is doubt about these details, it is best to compare the nutrition details of different brands and see the difference. The serving size of the chicken will of course have an influence also since all brands need not have the same serving size. So, when you read the nutrition facts on the label or at the web site, remember to consider the portion for which the calories and nutrients are calculated.

Whatever the serving size of each brand, it is important to remember that the chicken serving size will be calculated only on the weight since the size of the chicken varies considerably even within the same packet. So, to get facts the right way, it is important that the chicken is weighed first. And once you get the facts right and start cooking and ordering chicken based on that information, your body will soon start showing the results.

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