Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How

Do you remember years ago there was that campaign “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How”? I think it was Nutrisystem or something. Tons of peeps were driving around in cars with that slogan on the side. It was really the first kick at the MLM can for weight loss.

The catchy slogan probably brought a lot of people into the system but I bet accidents occurred while they tried to write down the number and drive at the same time! (this was a time before cell phones folks)

Times have, thankfully, changed. Losing weight through a reputable company is easier than ever with the internet. So too is signing up with a disreputable company.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to research any company you are planning on using to achieve your weight loss goals.

There are a billion of them now. The weight loss industry has undergone a bit of a make-over in the last several years and is now widely referred to as the “health and wellness” industry.

The only thing that’s a bit of a drag is that there are so many diets out there. There are soup diets and grapefruit diets. There are fruit diets and low carb diets. Just about any combination of the above exist too.

So how do you find a diet that works? How do you find something that will allow you to remain in your comfortable lifestyle while also losing weight?

Therein lies the difficulty.

If you’re anything like me you have gained and lost on several occasions. Whether it’s Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Dr. Bernstein, or any of the myriad other diets out there, you’ve likely tried a fair few with some modicum of success. Possibly, if you’re like me, you’ve even kept weight off for a long time (I did it for 7 years)

I don’t really consider myself a yo-you dieter. I don’t indulge in extravagant eating habits. I don’t eat endless bricks of butter or scarf down Dairy Queen blizzards. I can’t remember the last time I ate fast food. But even with reasonably good eating habits it’s still possible to pack on a few extra pounds. Especially if you’ve had some sort of life-altering event.

Like, let’s say…DIVORCE! 🙂

I packed on 30lbs. Maybe I drank too much wine or maybe I ate too many almonds but the fact remained that I gained the weight and by the time I realized it none of my gorgeous clothes fit!

I searched high and low for a diet. I called Herbalife, I researched Weight Watchers. I did it all. Ultimately what got me on a program were recommendations from other people who had been in the same boat.

I found a product called Visalus and researched the heck out of the company. Here are a few things I learned about Visalus;

1. A rating with the Better Business Bureau (the BBB has no vested interest in the promotion of any company. It simply collects information, looks into claims of impropriety and reports. It then assigns a letter grade depending on the company’s performance) Needless to say an “A” is pretty dang good.

2. The FDA (Food and Drug Admin in the US) has a list of supplements that have been known to cause health issues. Visalus contains not one of those supplements. I thought that was pretty cool.

3. The company is backed by a massive multi-million dollar company called Blyth. They’ve been around for a long time and have a spotless customer service record.

4. I live my life with integrity, I needed a company that did so as well. The leaders of Visalus deliver what they claim. Not only does their product work. I lost weight and I feel amazing. Tons of energy, tons of focus etc. The company business model has also been unbelievable.

5. Visalus has given me a way to help others lose weight AND augment my income (and really improve the financial future for my kids. I’m a single mom so working from home and making good coin has been a real life-saver for me!)

You can check out the company, the products, the cool prizes (lose weight and win a cruise! so cool!) and the opportunity on link below. I hope you do. I’ll be here to answer any questions for you. (yep, a real live person on the other end of the phone….go figure;)

Check it Out!

Source by Jacquie Mccarnan

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