Miraculous Weight Loss Story – How Angela Stokes Monarch Lost 155lbs (70kg) By Eating Raw Foods

Some people are really an inspiration for us, and let’s face it – who of us doesn’t benefit from a little bit of inspiration and motivation at times? I know I do. And for many folks who battle daily with their weight – a lot of inspiration is needed. Here is an inspiring story of one young woman by the name of Angela Stokes Monarch who fought with her weight and conquered her weight demons by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Angela is literally an inspiration beyond words. She teaches us that any ordinary, struggling person can achieve success if they really want to. She is living evidence that any obese person CAN lose weight and arrive at a normal, healthy body weight. It is possible! Let us see how…

Angela’s beginning

Angela Stokes Monarch like many people today, suffered from severe over-eating for many years of her teenage and young adult life. This led to her weight eventually peaking at 294lbs (133kg) in her early twenties. How did Angela cope with this? “I didn’t want to face reality,” Angela admits, “I blocked out the truth… so that I could live in denial.” Unfortunately as we all very well know, living in denial does not eradicate the problem – the problem is still there, it is still very much a reality.

How would Angela wake up to reality and take action?

How did Angela Lose Weight?

Angela was prompted to take action when a friend lent her a book to read in 2002. What was the book? The Raw Food Family (The Boutenkos) was the title of the book, and it fascinated Angela. In fact, the messages in this book resounded with Angela loud and clear. She admits that “This was the answer I’d been waiting for… this was my way out.” What would she do?

What steps would Angela take to make the transition from obese to healthy?

Angela adopted the raw vegan diet almost overnight, and profound weight loss ensued over the following years. She ate a diet high in plant-based foods including a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, juices, sprouts and other natural foods.

This was no easy feat.

Such a major lifestyle change or life overhaul involves a mixture of bravery, courage, determination and commitment. One must be committed to losing weight, they must have the constant mentality that this is it. It’s either now or never.

Angela Stokes Monarch reached a healthy weight of 138lbs (62kg) on her raw food journey. Weight loss is a prominent characteristic of the raw vegan diet for a number of reasons. It excludes all heavy, high-calorie and hard-to-digest animal products. It incorporates a massive amount of low-calorie nutrient-dense plant-based foods. And it enables the body to undergo a complete overhaul, a major detoxification and restoration of one’s physical and emotional health.

Source by Loren R Antonios

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