Muscle Building Herbs – Which Anabolic Boosters Are The Best?

Without a doubt, every bodybuilder, powerlifter, and fitness enthusiast is always looking for some sort of edge or advantage in the gym. We watch our peers train, looking for little ways they bend their elbows or knees which allow them to move more weight. We scour message boards, searching for diet and nutritional tricks employed by the more muscular among us which we can steal and apply to our own practices in order to deliver greater muscle gain and faster fat loss. We read overpriced glossy muscle magazines each month because we just know, as we peer over the same regurgitated articles each month, we're going to discover some new grain of truth which will allow us to take our training and recovery and growth to the next level.

The supplementation aspect is no different! For years, trainers have scavenged weightlifting magazines, kitchens, and sports nutrition stores in search of the ultimate in muscle building herbs, supplements which can help speed up recovery, give the lifter greater strength and stamina in the gym, and lead to faster and more efficient muscle mass gains. The consensus among some ignorant, under-150 pound beasts is that "all supplements are garbage". These voices are usually basing their beliefs upon theory, not practice. Ask any 220-pound muscular bodybuilder in your gym about supplements, and you'll more than likely get a detailed response based upon practical real-life experience, not theory. He'll tell you that there are some muscle building herbs which are in fact useless. He saw no gains from them. Then again, there will be other supplements which provided some very good gains for the lifter.

There are some universal classes of supplements or muscle building herbs which most would agree do provide gains for all users. Anabolic boosters give our bodies the right set of circumstances required to raise testosterone levels. This, of course, allows us to build new muscle faster, enjoy greater stamina, grow stronger each week, and shed body fat more easily. Supplements like Halosite 17 and Nitrox-ATP give our bodies an edge in that our natural testosterone levels are assisted – but not taken over. Actual anabolic steroids will cause a complete shutdown of natural T level production, which leads to Gynecomastia, shrunken testicles, and plenty of lost muscle when the steroid cycle ends. Muscle building herbs such as Halosite 17 and Nitrox-ATP help the bodybuilder to avoid such negative side effects, and allow him or her to continually build new muscle year round.

Source by Dane C. Fletcher

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