Negative Calorie Foods Might Be Your Key to Successful Weight Loss

Foods that have fewer calories than the body uses to digest them, are often referred to as Negative Calorie Foods. Meaning, you have to expend more energy digesting the food than the food actually has within itself.

These foods are therefore not necessarily Zero Calorie Foods, they do have calories, but those calories plus more are used up in the digestion of these foods.

There are various lists you can find on the web listing some negative calorie foods, you need to be careful though as they may not always be very accurate. Sweet fruits like cantaloupe, apricots, oranges and pineapples, are often listed as negative calorie foods. Although these fruits may be very healthy and good for you they do have sugar which makes them less than perfect negative calorie foods. It is not particularly so that you will burn up all the sugar from these sweet foods simply by eating, chewing and digesting them.

The foods listed here are foods that you can and should eat on a daily basis. Some of these foods have almost zero calories, along with other health benefits besides.

The body has to work hard to break down the fibrous matrix that many low calorie, negative calorie foods have. This fibrous structure usually contains a fair amount of water which is what makes these foods so low in calories.

If we eat food to gain energy and not to lose it, why would we want to eat foods that are mostly negative calories in the first place.

In truth the purpose of eating food is not only to give us energy. We get Important and necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins from foods that the body uses to function and repair itself.

Sea Vegetables, are near zero calorie foods, They are high in fiber and tend to swell up In the presence of water which makes them very filling. Sea Vegetables are also extremely rich in nutrients and minerals, and have very few calories.

Seaweeds can be very tasty if properly prepared. Three seaweeds that are easy to prepare in tasty ways are Nori, Irish Moss and Kelp.

Nori, is a good source of vitamin A, folate and niacin, three very important vitamins and minerals and is most often eaten in sushi rolls.

Seaweeds have alkaloids a powerful antioxidant that stabilizes the ph of the body, and helps the body to lose excess weight associated with an acidic condition.

Sea Vegetables like kelp and Nori, are particularly high in Iodine which is necessary for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. Iodine also protects the thyroid gland from radiation poisoning.

Herbs and Spices are also mostly negative calorie foods, bec. They have very few calories and very often have high nutritional benefits.

Spices, such as oregano, and hot pepper, are heating and stimulate the metabolism. Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar and is great for diabetics.

Foods such as onion and garlic are also low calorie and extremely beneficial in fighting toxins, bacteria and keeping the ph and the blood sugar balanced.

Of all vegetables Romaine Lettuce is kIng of negative calories. At 1.5 calories per leaf you can practically eat hundreds of leaves all day, and you will have not consumed that many calories.

Source by Lizzy Shafir

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