No Fuss Weight-Loss

To lose weight and keep it off you need an easy to follow

no fuss plan. You need a plan that is simple and sensible.

You need a plan that you can use everyday to get slim and


You need a plan that builds on your success day-by-day.

A plan that keeps you inspired and motivated by seeing

results–fast! If you don’t see and feel results fast it’s

far to easy to be tempted by the next fast food drive

through or the next vending machine. Far to easy.

You need a plan that works for you, a plan that blends in

to your lifestyle. A plan that you can live with. Forever.

That’s the real secret to permanent weight-loss.

Most people go on train wreck diets. They follow the

latest fads. They start the diet, lose some weight, then go

off of it and gain all the weight back. Sometimes even

more. That’s called yo-yo- dieting–up and down and back

up. You don’t want to do that, it’s bad for your health.

Permanent weight loss requires changes in your lifestyle.

Changes in your behaviors. You can’t expect to lose

weight by doing the same things like overeating and not


You can’t expect to lose weight and keep it off by ignoring

good nutrition and eating foods that are bad for you. Junk

food leads to a junked body. Diabetes, heart disease, high

blood pressure, cancer, stroke and arthritis are just a few of

the health problems associated with obesity.

When I say “junk food” I don’t mean just fast food, donuts,

or candy, I mean all the foods that don’t seem so bad but

are full of sugar, starches and fats. Foods like fruit juice are

full of sugar. You’re better off to eat the fruit and drink

some water. Foods like pasta, rice and french fries are full

of empty calories and cause an insulin response that puts

your body into fat storage mode.

Permanent weight loss requires you to be informed about

what foods have good nutritional value and what ones don’t.

You don’t need to take a college nutrition course but you

do need to know some basic “nutrition 101” principles.

To be successful with your weight loss and management

you need to know the difference between proteins, fats and

carbohydrates. You need to know how much protein you

should be eating, how much carbohydrates and what kinds

of fats.

You need to know the effects of sugar on your body.

Most mothers think they’re doing a good thing by

giving their children apple juice instead of soda.

Being confused and uniformed leads to weight problems.

Weight problems for yourself and maybe even your family.

Young children have no control over the foods they eat.

Food is either fed to them or placed before them when

They’re old enough to eat. Sure they can refuse to eat,

but it’s usually not the cookies and cakes but the carrots

and broccoli.

Children can be taught early on to eat healthy or to eat

unhealthy. If parents recognized this fact and were aware

of the habits they were passing on through modeling

lifestyle behaviors the obesity epidemic could probably

be reversed in a few years. And I’m sure the rates of

drinking and smoking in young people would go down

as well.

I can hear some well meaning mothers or grandparents

saying, “well they have to have some treats some of the

times”. Maybe on an occasional birthday. But when

the children are older and as people become more

educated about the causes of obesity there’s going to be

some serious finger pointing.

Remember when the Marlboro Man was cool? Remember

when everyone smoked, even pregnant women? Things

have changed haven’t they? The social stigma attached to

smoking will be dwarfed by the stigma that is becoming

attached to obesity. And the difference between smoking

and obesity is you can’t hide the fact that you’re fat.

What about portion control? We’ve become a super-sized

nation because of super-sized portions. When it comes to

restaurants we rate them good or bad according to how

much food is on the plate.

At home, people are too busy these days to weigh, measure

and count food units. You need simple ways to eyeball

serving sizes for portion control.

A simple, easy to follow, no fuss plan is the answer to

your weight problem. Why complicate things and cause

yourself more stress?

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Source by Sheri Graber

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