NutriMed Program: The Greatest Combat to Weight Loss

The whole year evaluation is quite overwhelming in all its ramifications by conquering all the counter productive activities resurfacing in the country from coast to coast. But my major happiness is the Health Reform Bill signed; as if that is not enough, the flow of testimonies of NutriMed Liquid-Protein Diet has made the year a full-filled one in a long time.

Once again the holiday is here, and our NutriMed Liquid-Protein Diet journey should not be allowed to crash, but more strengthen so that we can really and ideally achieve our aims and objectives. The journey on the NutriMed diet this past year has helped my 2010 to be “a truly outstanding year and one I will never forget”. This statement was stated by thousands of Americans when the random sampling was done by Bariatric Centers.

Naturally, I’m so thankful this year, be it in health, happiness, and material goods. To show you something, with the kind of job I do, I meet a lot of new people every day with different kind of stories…real stories not fiery tales. With the combination of them all I came out with this simple and encompassing story.

Here comes an independent advert marketer of the ages 45-50 living with his wife but children are no longer with them because they are now adults. He approximately sits on the desk and in the cars 12 hours daily. He went to his doctor very early in the year for a normal six month check up…he was actually weighing 245 pounds and was already on 4 blood pressure prescriptions and cholesterol prescription; and another blood pressure prescription was also added.

A big straight punch was given to him by the doctor to work on his weight if he likes him selves, and that it must be an immediate attention. After that comment he went home and started thinking about what doctor said. He decided to visits newspaper vendors to pick up different health magazines and also surf the internet to find out about weight loss, then he discovered “Bariatric”. After a short while he booked an appointment with the Clinical Director at the hospital the same way he had booked with some others in the past and no result to show for it. So after a little screenings and a serious health talk the Clinical Director for the NutriMed Liquid-Protein Diet introduced to him what the next few months of his life would be like.

They discussed his goal weight of 166 pounds and then he was informed of how long he would actually need to be on the liquid diet. My magic number was 13 weeks, and this presupposes 13 week on his life without food. Do you think he could survive this? To the glory of God he did, and that was when he realized that you can do anything once you set your mind to it. The first couple of weeks were pretty hard, but the results, even the first couple of weeks are well worth the food sacrifice. And the second week was easier and easier each week thereafter…because it was a simple commitment, but worth while at the end.

He likes the program from the very onset because it was clinical all the way, with a wonderful clinical support team that he met each week and with their encouragement his spirit tells him he could do this. The program was medically supervised, well monitored, and his interest always was their priority.

He came off the liquid portion of the diet and then stayed 5 weeks on the re-feed program. After 18 weeks on the NutriMed liquid protein diet he had lost 82 pounds. His current weight is 163 pounds. He used to wear a 2 extra-large shirt and he now wears medium or large. His waist has received a downward position from 40 to 41 to 32 waists.

He is now on prescription free for the first time in 14 years!!! Because all his blood pressure prescriptions and cholesterol prescription has been completely removed before the 4th month of his treatments. In order not to go south quickly, he joined a gymnastic center the 2nd week of his diet and now he goes there 5 to 6 times weekly, because this is essential to your weight loss. He is very glad of the choice he made to go on the NutriMed Liquid Diet program and would highly recommend it to anyone.

If you are serious about losing weight; though all of the other diets have failed you in the past and you gained your weight back, then with these experiences, this is the program for you. This program from the very beginning changes your bad eating habits and allows you to develop healthier choices and a complete new lifestyle. The diet will change your life not only while on the program, but well after the program too.

Source by John Mcmacnoh James

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