Paraliminal Weight Loss

If you’re not sure what a paraliminal CD is or how it can help you with weight loss, then here’s a brief overview:

A paraliminal CD is very carefully crafted. It is designed to confuse your conscious mind by reading two different stories simultaneously. One story for each of your ears. It follows that it is best to listen to a paraliminal weight loss CD on headphones.

The stories talk directly to your subconscious mind. They are surprisingly easy to listen to. Despite the different messages being played to you, you’ll find that your mind will likely “tune in” to just one of the stories at any given time. Oftentimes, it will seem like a brand new experience even when you play the same CD for a subsequent time. That’s because your mind will be consciously listening to a different part of the story.

So how can paraliminal CDs help you to lose weight?

They help reprogram your mind so that you no longer experience the yo-yo effect that so many traditional diets bring with them. If you’re currently on a diet, whether it’s Weight Watchers or another program, then listening to a paraliminal CD will help reinforce the weight loss program.

By getting your subconscious mind on track, listening to a paraliminal weight loss CD on a regular basis will make your weight loss much easier to achieve. You won’t get instant results (after all, it took you a while to add the pounds in the first place) but by following a regular listening program, you’ll start to notice the pounds drop away.

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