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To be honest, I can’t really talk to you about weight loss from a completely personal viewpoint. Because I’ve never had to lose weight. In fact, I had been trying to put on weight for years – but thats another story.

My girlfriend however, did have a weight problem and was desperate to do something about it. I was happy with her the way she was but between you and me – I’m so glad she did lose weight because she is quite simply a stunner now.

She had tried virtually every diet under the sun including the Atkins (of course), South Beach and Cambridge diets (all nasty in my opinion). She went to the gym four times a week and took supplements that claimed to aid rapid weight loss. I couldn’t fault her dedication but it was having a negative effect on our relationship. Not only was she not losing weight (except on the Cambridge diet – but then she piled the pounds on again afterwards), but she was becoming miserable. Her body had become quite toned and the skin was taught and healthy and she was generally much fitter then she had ever been. But it wasn’t making her happy because her overall shape hadn’t changed.

I just tried to be as supportive as I could be but it upset me a lot to see her becoming more and more unhappy. I knew I had to do something.

Being a self improvement junkie I began doing some research for her. I scoured the internet forums for unbiased recommendations, joined weight loss communities and got to know a few well known people on the scene.

And one man’s name kept cropping up whenever we were discussing rapid healthy weight loss.

That man’s name is Rob Poulos who is a well respected fitness enthusiast and expert, and the founder of Zero to Hero Fitness. There was quite a bit of buzz in the community about him when I first heard his name. He had released a great new rapid weight loss program that implemented all of his techniques and tips.

But being an experienced self improvement junkie I knew to hold back and not splash the cash straight away. Although the guy was already respected I didn’t know him at all.

I kept visiting the community and asking for feedback from people who were using Rob’s weight loss program and the responses I got were very impressive indeed. In fact, after about four weeks people had started posting up ‘before and after’ pictures because they were so pleased with the way the weight loss program was helping them.

It was time to take the plunge and buy the program for my girlfriend.

And she really wasn’t that happy about it. I was trying to do the right thing but she took it to mean that after all I had said to her that I really did want her to lose weight. Anyway, that’s another story.

She read through the materials and we talked about it. There were quite a few things in Robs program that contradicted what she had previously been told, and it really surprised her.

The very next morning she started putting his rapid weight loss program into action. She even emailed him once to help her clarify a point in his program and the response she got was excellent. He was a real genuine guy.

That all happened about five months ago and my girlfriend hasn’t looked back since. She looks amazing and is finally getting her body near to the shape she wants it. There is still some way to go but the progress has been truly amazing. Rapid, healthy weight loss is definitely possible if you know the right techniques.

If you feel like the extreme diets and visits to the gym aren’t working for you, then why not try something different. It could be just what you are looking for.

Source by Eddie Baker

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