Super-Duper Tips For Weight Loss

Give away what you don’t eat. Many people love to cook. It’s a creative outlet for them a that reduces daily stress. Of course the problem is at the more they call, the better they become, and the harder it is for them not to eat their creations. To avoid eating everything you make, give your extra food away immediately. Try baking treats for neighbors with kids who don’t have time to bake, for a shut in or an elderly person, or for a food kitchen or shelter for homeless people. The key here is to get a list of people who love and need your cooking.

Ride out the craving. Cravings start slowly, build a steadily to a peak, and then subside. Think of your craving as a way of that slowly builds and then subsides, and try to wait it out.

Brush, floss, and rents after you eat. This idea is popular because it works. Brush and then flush your teeth after every meal and when you feel like bingeing. When your mouth feels clean and fresh you’re less likely to stuff food into it. You can also use a fluoride rinse after dinner. You shouldn’t eat for several hours after rinsing with fluoride.

Keep food out of the automobile. Driving and eating resembles the Ting and watching TV. You can consume 3000 calories and not even know what. Don’t eat and drive. If you must eat while driving, snack on veggies or dried fruit and sip water.

Avoid skipping meals. It’s common for people to skip meals thinking they are doing themselves a big favor by cutting back on calories. This usually doesn’t work. Not only does it make you very susceptible to bingeing on fatty and sugary foods later in the day, but also slows your metabolism.

Source by W. P. Allen

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