The More You Eat the Slimmer You Get – Common Foods That Blast Off Weight

Don't listen when so-called experts tell you that the only way to lose weight is to exercise more and eat less. Certainly that will help you lose weight but it is only a small part of the story: there are other things you can and must do to look your best. And eating the right foods is the best place to start.

Plenty of people are an acceptable weight but look unhealthy because the weight is all in the wrong places. Others look very attractive, with huge biceps and pectorals, but are considered overweight – believe me, muscle weighs far more than fat, so if you want to slim down it is not as simple as just working out. Weight is only one issue; shape and general health can be equally important.

For every pound in weight you want to shed, you must burn 3,500 more calories than you take in. This means that to lose just 1 pound a week you must burn 500 calories a day more than you eat – that's every day!

When people talk about 'going on a diet' they often mean simply eating less. But your diet is really the food you eat. A healthy diet does mean you have to eat less, it just means you have to eat the foods that are good for you.

So when someone comes along and says they can help you lose weight and improve your shape, but says you have to EAT MORE, you are naturally interested, right? But it's true that if you eat more of a certain type of food you will lose weight.

And what are these magic foods that make you lose weight? They are known collectively as negative calorie foods.

Take broccoli, for instance, which contains 25 calories in a 100 gm serving. Because of its fibrous structure, your body consumes 80 calories just to digest it. So every 100 gm of broccoli you eat will make you LOSE 55 calories – that's the 25 calories it contains MINUS the 80 calories to digest it.

What if you don't like broccoli? Well, most fruits and most vegetables qualify, since they contain plenty of fiber which is the very thing your body has to work hard to digest. They include peaches, apples, honeydew melons, pineapple, oranges, raspberries and strawberries. And that's just a small sample of the beautiful foods which help you lose weight.

With these foods it's clearly true: the more you eat, the slimmer you get.

So if you want to lose weight fast, a negative calorie program could be part of your ideal solution. Click here for a great program of foods and recipes that will have you losing weight – naturally and fast.

Source by Martin C Helm

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