The Top 10 Great Weight Loss Foods

It is not always how much you eat, but what you eat that can cause you to gain or lose weight. Although you may not eat much it seems, a diet that consists of a great deal of starchy foods can cause your weight to bloom. On the other hand if you are a vegetable lover and have a difficult time taking a liking to other foods you will need to eat a lot of them to keep the weight on you.

As I see more people dieting to lose weight, rather than eating to keep the weight on, here are ten top weight loss foods that will work to melt the pounds away without barely batting an eyelash.


The wonder food. You have heard, I am sure, that the healthiest part of the egg is the white part. This is said to be true, however, the rest of it is pretty darn healthy as well. Start your day out right and see the pounds come off with a breakfast of eggs and toast. It is a fast and simple breakfast that can go from the stove to the plate in a matter or minutes. Eggs contain quite a bit of protein. This type of protein tends to have a filling effect on the stomach so that your hunger does not wake up again until evening. A perfect diet food!


No, I am not going to say it. We know how to keep the doctor away…by eating right and exercising. Apples are low in calories and contain good nutrition, like fiber. Eating an apple also helps with your digestion.


Yogurt keeps hunger pains to a minimum so that you are less apt to overeat. It contains protein, fat and carbs in just the right proportion to keep things under control in your tummy. A great weight loss food!


It may be just a slight bit high in carbs, but the avocado is a great food to help encourage your body to lose weight.


Containing protein and fiber, the almond is a great weight loss food. In addition, this super weight loss food is also brimming with magnesium and vitamin E. Magnesium helps us by producing energy, controlling blood sugar and it also gives us strong muscles.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Mother always told us to eat our vegetable and now I understand. Vegetables are low in calorie content and high in calcium. This incredible weight loss food will shed unwanted pounds in a matter of weeks.


This oldie, but goodie weight loss food still works today. It is somewhat of a mystery how the grapefruit works in combating weight loss, but it does, which is what really counts.

Green Tea

Green tea is a weight loss food or beverage that many have turned to in dropping the weight. Green tea helps the digestive process, blood sugar control and your heart. This weight loss miracle also helps with anxiety and a sluggish metabolic rate.


The bad thing is that grapes have quite a bit of sugar. The good thing is that grapes have no fat. A small serving of grapes contains only 70 calories.


You would not think that potatoes would help you to lose weight, but think again. If you bake or broil your potato you will benefit from its low calorie content making it a healthy weight loss food.

Source by Yvonne Hackett

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