Tired of Weight Loss Gimmicks? This Will Work for You – Tried and Tested!

As strange as it might sound, it seems that losing weight is actually easier than keeping it off. Studies show that many dieters are able to lose weight — but before long, they return to old eating habits and the extra weight returns. Sometimes, they end up even heavier than when they started.

The challenge, experts say, is to sustain a healthier lifestyle forever without the reward of seeing the numbers on the scale go steadily down, or continually hearing compliments about your new body.

Secrets of Long-Term Weight Loss:

So exactly how do successful losers — all those people we’ve seen on reality shows and in magazine articles – beat the odds to avoid regaining?

Here are 10 top tips for successful weight loss

1. Successful weight loss maintainers eat frequently, every 3 to 4 hours, or 4 to 5 times a day. Hunger is the Achilles heel of any dieter, and frequent eating helps you control your blood sugar and manage your appetite. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water or unsweetened beverages, because thirst is sometimes confused with hunger and extra fluids can help take the edge off your appetite

2. Whether it’s Monday, Saturday, or a holiday, successful dieters follow a consistent pattern of eating from day to day. This establishes a routine, and even though there is room for splurges, this set eating plan is the cornerstone of their success.

3. Start the day with breakfast. This is an essential step to get your engine going and to help you perform better in the boardroom or at the gym. Breakfast doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either. “Enjoy a bowl of high-fiber, whole-grain cereal with fruit and non-fat dairy for a great meal that will last for hours,

4. Follow a relatively low fat, calorie-controlled diet. “Controlling portions [and] eating foods high in water, like soups and vegetables, can make it easier to control calories,” says American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD. If you also limit the variety of foods you eat, you can simplify your diet and make it easier to not overeat..

5. Try to exercise for 60 minutes each day.

6. Successful losers get on the scale regularly, whether it’s daily, every other day, or weekly.

7. Limit television watching to about 10 hours per week This gives more time to exercise, and no doubt reduces mindless munching in front of the tube.

8. Don’t beat yourself up about your weight or about slip-ups; instead, engage in positive self-talk. Being negative or feeling guilty is counterproductive

9. Lose weight slowly. This approach is more realistic and gives dieters the chance to gradually settle into their new lifestyle and weight. “When you do it slowly, you can stop focusing on the numbers on the scale and work on changing your eating habits, improving your lifestyle, and [adapting] to the new way of life,”

10. Finally ensure complete weight loss success by using a combination of one or more of the following top rated, medically proven, powerful and effective weight loss supplements.

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