Top 3 Best Diet and Weight Loss Programs on the Internet

Over the net, there have been a lot of weight loss program that claims to that they could give you a slimmer body in a very short time. Most of these weight loss programs are focused on slashing fat on your diet. But fat is the important supplement that maintenance your body growth balance. Here are three of the best diet and weight loss programs that are on the internet.

First is the diet used by stars to lose weight. This is called the south beach diet. South beach diet was a creation of a group of cardiologist. This diet limits your intake of carbohydrates. It will start with a restrictive two weeks diet which they call induction phase and followed by the long term diet. Potatoes, bread, fruit, pasta, rice, beets, corn and carrots are not allowed in south beach diet most especially on induction phase. The consumption of animal fats is also banned. However this diet recommends intake of low sugar foods. And it allows those who adopt this diet to have snacks so that they will not crave for foods if they are already out of this diet program and also maintains your metabolism at high level.

One of the best diet and weight loss programs that are popular on internet is the Chef diet. This diet is usually popular in the market. It offers a balanced meal that includes protein, fat and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are still part of the menu since it is used for the body to perform daily routines. Chef diet gives wide ranges of food you can select from. You could have muffin and ham for breakfast and vegetables on lunch. And if you feel hungry there is also available variety of snacks you could choose from. Aside from a wide range of menu, you also need to exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes for best results.

And the third best diet and weight loss program that is a hit in the internet is the DietToGo. This diet helps you to lose weight in a minimum time. It offers three meal menus that include meal plans with low fat diet, vegetarian meal that is low fat and low carbohydrates plan. A menu in this diet plan is mainly low carbohydrates. You can also choose from available food menu that you can enjoy. The foods are prepared by a professional cook. A substitution list is also available if you don’t like the foods on the main menu. This diet plan also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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