Top 5 Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight Without Moving A Muscle

If by weight loss you think endless hours on the treadmill then you are in
for a surprise. Here are some of
the easiest tips to lose weight without moving a muscle.

In this article I will show you how to lose weight without exercising or
starving yourself. But remember that although this is an excellent place to
start there are additional ways you need to lose weight and even a six pack abs.

1. Track your calories and foods

Before you recall how difficult it was the last time you went on a diet and
gave up let me tell you that this vital issue is to be followed for a week only.
This will give you an invaluable insight in to your food habits and your actual
caloric consumption and it may not be what you think by a long shot.

Jot down everything you eat today and calculate the calories approximately in
all the food items. After 3-5 days you will get an excellent idea as to your
caloric intake.

Remember weight loss or weight gain is a function of calories not just
carbohydrates and fats alone.

If you find counting calories difficult, although I would recommend you do it
at least for 3 days, you can count serving sizes. Your clenched fist is
approximately one serving of rice or chicken piece.

2. Eat less and more frequent

Yes the age old wisdom of eating less than full stomach is still valid and
for the caloric reason mentioned above. If you cannot resist food then eat
smaller meals but more often.

When you eat large meals 2-3 times a day, your body tries to store excess
calories as fat. When you eat at regular intervals, your body in 1-2 weeks
realizes that there is no need to store fat as there will an ample supply at all
times. Also since you will be eating less calories, the fat storage drops

3. Eat more proteins

Heard of a concept called Thermic effect of foods? It simply states that
foods require energy for their digestion, absorption and assimilation. And guess
Which food type requires maximum calories for its digestion? Its protein.
Especially animal protein. Proteins not only help you burn more calories but
Since they give a sense of fullness they will help you eat less as well.

Vegetarian? No problem. Eat vegetarian protein sources like grains, eggs {if
you are ovovegetarian , a vegetarian who eats eggs} and
whey protein bars of powders.

4. Never diet

What will you tell a guy who thinks only lottery is the way to earn money?
You say he might win one but it will not last for long.

Dieting is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Your body
will behave like those ants who hoard foods supplies since they cannot go out in
tough weathers. You might lose some weight early by going hungry but it will all
come back with a bang. Not only the weight you lost but possibly more. This is
because you have slowed your metabolism as well by dieting. Compare this with
eating higher proteins meals at shorter and more frequent intervals. I am sure
you see the point.

5. Treat yourself once or twice a week

Have you heard of the saying, "All work and no play makes John a dull boy"?
When you try to avoid the foods high in calories week in and week out, you will
end up giving up and eating all the same food you are trying to avoid. There is
a scientific reason for this. Your brain tries to break the monotony and gives
in to your cravings.

Solution – Eat whatever you want once or twice a week. I cannot resist newer
items of my favorite bakery. Not only I try them once a week but I also make
sure I miss no action in terms of new dishes at home once in a while.


These tips should help you get started today. Master one habit at a time. Why
not start today to calculate your calories or servings and get some high quality
protein foods from the grocery!

Remember you cannot start from the top. If you do just one thing today which
will take you closer to your goals, then take that step right today.

Source by Mateen Siddiqui

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