Type 2 Diabetes and The Active Body Control Program to Help Diabetics Lose Weight!

The Active Body Control (ABC) program combines a low calorie diet that includes low glycemic index carbohydrates with telemonitoring of Type 2 diabetics with a small, hand-held device that monitors all physical activities. The Aiper Motion 440 calculates metabolic rates while automatically monitoring all motions (walking, exercising, breathing, etc.) and has a function for the users to enter all foods eaten. The information goes to healthcare workers who calculate how well the Type 2 diabetics are doing with their diet and exercise programs and send out weekly follow-up letters from personal coaches to the diabetics. The letters include graphs of their calorie or kilojoule intake and weight, along with commendations for weight loss.

The inventors of the program conducted a study of its effectiveness at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry, Section of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Otto-von-Guericke University in Madeburg, Germany. Results of their study were published in the journal Diabetes Research Clinical Practice, December 2010.

  • thirty-five people with Type 2 diabetes, ranging in age from 52 to 66, were admitted to the ABC program
  • thirty-five controls with Type 2 diabetes, ranging in age from 52 to 65, were treated with conventional therapy.
  • Body mass indexes averaged about 35 (obese) for all diabetics involved.

Results: After six months:

  • the diabetics in the ABC group lost an average of 11.8kg (26 pounds). One Type 2 diabetic lost 30.5kg (67 pounds. Blood sugar and HbA1c were also lowered
  • the per cent of diabetics with an HbA1c above 7 decreased from 57 per cent to 26 per cent
  • thirteen diabetics, or 39 per cent, were able to go off their antidiabetic drugs, and 42 per cent were able to reduce their doses
  • the control group showed no changes in weight, blood sugar, or need for drug treatment

It was therefore concluded that the program was effective. Studies of the program with participants having high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and other conditions are planned.

Right now the program is available only in Germany, but the company, Aipermon GmbH Co., plans expansion throughout Europe, and is negotiating with insurance companies for reimbursement. If the program proves successful in clinical use, perhaps we will see it in the rest of the world before long.

Support for your weight loss: Presently there are other methods of obtaining individual instruction and support for losing excess weight:

  • personal trainers can be helpful, and clubs such as Weight Watchers are designed to provide weight loss plans and support for their members
  • some people find it helpful to jog or do calisthenics with a friend
  • weightlossbuddy.com has listings of ordinary people who need and offer support for those with weight problems
  • weightcircles.com is another free online group whose members support each others’ efforts to normalize their weight and become healthier.
  • sparkpeople.com works to inspire people to begin making small changes, such as walking an extra ten minutes per day
  • Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a low cost support group similar to Weight Watchers.

You are not alone… there is support available to help both Type 2 diabetics and non-diabetics lose weight.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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