We Are What We Eat: Foods to Lose Weight

Some people think that everything has been already written about weight loss but I think that the more I read the more I find that there is still a lot to write about it. There are many different opinions about how to lose weight and to be able to keep the extra weight off it is the hardest battle of all.

Many have been jumping through a large number of different diets. Specially the yo-yo ones where you end up actually gaining some weight because either you were starving during the diet or that the diet recommended to eat a lot of fat but you did no keep up with the required exercising. I have been involved with several types of diets and I know which ones work and which ones do not.

Someone said that “we are what we eat” and I think that this is absolutely true. We might eat a lot and still be unhealthy, hungry or both. Sometimes is not only about the quantity of food that we eat but also about the quality of food that we intake.

We tend to eat very delicious food with very poor nutritional value. Some foods may even have adverse effects on our health and should not be eaten at all. Most of the food commonly available at the market is full of chemicals, for example: preservatives, pesticides, hormones that may pose a risk to your health, not only to your weight.

Buying healthy food is kind of expensive everywhere. There are many recipes available that will help you select a balanced meal each time while keeping your budget under control. You have to get professional help specially if you feel and realized that you are seriously overweight.

Being over weighted is a condition that can be present not only in teenagers and adult people but also in our children. Obesity is spreading like wildfire in our society. Our children are eating a lot of fast food when they go outside our house and furthermore when they come back home they tend to indulge in some junk food, specially candies and soft drinks.

Visualize yourself having the right weight for your height and age, preparing tasty weight loss recipes. Write your goal somewhere where you can see it everyday, it might be you fridge door or on top of your night stand or the bathroom mirror. I recommend to keep your mind focused on keeping the extra weight off.

I try to read e-books about losing weight. I try to keep myself up to date with the latest trending and eating and exercising recommendations, although I do not buy every single new system out there in the market. I read the reports and articles about losing weight whenever I can, not only for myself but also for my loved ones.

If someone in you family or near you has an overweight problem or condition you need to step up and provide your assistance to them. They might know that they need to start a diet but they do not know where or how to start. They might need encouragement; they might need a partner to exercise with or even just company to chat about their condition.

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