Weight Loss Plans and the Pied Piper

We all have to the pay the piper at some point. As you probably remember how the story went, an enterprising young man offered to take away the rats that were infesting Hamelin. In return he was to be paid for his services, but the town folk reneged on the bargain. Not only did they lose the rats, but their children, too.

Weight loss plans have some similarities to this old fable. The way you diet has much to do with paying the piper. If you try the short cut method of starving yourself, you aren’t paying and the consequences won’t be as expected. If you live up to your commitment, your bill is paid up.

Ninety percent of the weight loss plans commercially advertised promise fast results without any effort on your part. The effort is part of your payment to the piper, and without it you can’t expect to be successful for the long haul. You also pay by making the effort to maintain a healthy diet, not one that just counts calories.

It All Begins In Your Head

Even if you are aware of the facts, they won’t do you much good if you can’t get with the program. The right kind of weight loss plans will work for anyone, but that only happens with commitment. If you are not motivated, no diet will work.

Just knowing something is the right thing to do is not motivation enough to carry a person through a change in lifestyle. When you develop tendencies to sit on the couch and eat junk food, it is hard to wake up one day and change unless something motivates you.

Motivation might come from your physician, who says you are at a serious health risk if you don’t lose weight. Wouldn’t it be better to get started on a weight maintenance program without losing your health first?

One hundred percent of weight loss plans do not provide the motivation necessary for commitment. You have to furnish that yourself. The first change you must make is right between your ears. Without that, you won’t lose the pounds and maintain your optimal weight.

Time for Reprogramming

The residents of Hamelin were stubborn, much the same as people are today. Their minds were set on getting something for nothing, and there was no change in that attitude until it was too late. You have the time beginning right now to change your attitude. You must work at incorporating new thoughts into your subconscious mind if you are to follow weight loss plans that not only work to get you to the weight and size you want to be, but keep you there.

The right motivation must carry you through until your trained subconscious mind begins to take over the reins and the lifestyle becomes habit. You must convince yourself that it will only get easier, the longer you stay with a life choice to maintain the weight you really want, because it is true.

You can pay the piper now or keep on failing to lose weight and keep it off. The choice is up to you.

Source by Carolyn Hansen

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