Weight Loss Program – The Great Low Fat Cooking Tricks

Don't worry that recipe won't turn out well if they cut back on fat. If a recipe, said, calls for ¼ cup of olive oil, instead of leaving out the oil, use just 1 tablespoon during cooking and then maybe add another ½ tablespoon at the end, so you still have that good taste. Here are some easy, fat-trimming ideas that can help you create fabulous food home any night of the week.

Super soups – In preparation for whipping up easy soups or quick sauce, stock your fridge with canned broth. It adds instant flavor to almost any dish. And by keeping your cans chilled, you can scoop off the solidified fat at a moment. Notice!

Fry not – Poaching fish instead of frying saves fat grams galore. To poach a fish fillet without a recipe or an endless list of ingredient, just grab that can of crab boil that's probably hiding in the back of your spice cabinet. Shake this savory blend of spices into a frying pan half full of water, add your fish and simmer until done.

Get in tune with tuna – To whip up a terrific luncheon salad in no time, toss a can of beans with a can of water packed tune (both rinsed under cold water to remove the sodium and canning liquid). Add chopped pepper and onions, minced parley and any other fresh herbs you like. Dress with vinegar and bare splash of oil.

Mind your milk – Drink or cook with two glasses of whole mink every day for a year and you'll be saddled with a whopping 12 pounds of dietary fat. Switch to the same amount of 1 percent milk and you cut your fat in take by a third. Better yet, skim milk, which at two glasses, adds up to a mere 0.1 pound of fat by year end.

Shed the skin – Some people will remove the skin from chicken before they cook it, but then they are not happy because the chicken tastes dry. If you want to cook it with the skin on, just be sure to peel it off before you eat it.

Fix fat busting burgerDieters don't have to give up burger. You can prepare the beef a low fat way. Shredded vegetable such as carrots, onions and green peppers to replace some of the meat. Better yet, try ground turkey or ground chicken for your burgers, or nay other recipes that call for ground beef.

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