Weight Loss Programs for Men: Because Gender Is An Issue

Gender plays a big part in losing weight, so the weight loss programs for men shouldn't be the same as the weight loss programs that normally work for women. While it's the same weight we're all trying to lose and the same fatty foods we're all trying to avoid, gender really plays an issue in people's weight loss goals and how they achieve it. For one, the bodies of men and women are wired differently. Men tend to have a faster metabolism and naturally bigger muscle mass, while women tend to be softer and more delicate. When men and women gain weight, the excess fats usually deposit themselves in different parts of the body. A beer belly for men will translate to bigger hips and thighs for women. Women also have hormones that induce them to be more emotional, so women are more predisposed to binge-eating. The menstrual cycle also plays a part in weight, because women tend to be more bloated during that time of the month.

These physical differences alone are reason enough to make separate weight loss programs for men. If you come to think of it however, psychological factors play a part in the gender issue as well. Throughout time, the act of dieting has always been associated with women. This is perhaps because with women, looking physically attractive is always a priority. The beauty of a woman is linked to how her body is shaped, and this is why women are far more conscious about a few extra pounds here and there. Most diets are geared towards women, because women are perpetually trying to lose weight. Very rarely do you hear of a man that's openly on a diet. Men tend to pay less attention to the weighing scale and more attention to overall fitness and health. This is a key difference between men and women, and this is what good weight loss programs for men should consider.

While most men don't really pay attention to dieting, they pay a lot of attention to working out. They care less about a few extra pounds and more about the leanness of their body and the tone and shape of their muscles. This means that while most weight loss programs for women are heavy on the diet side of the equation, those that are geared towards men will be heavy on the exercise and workout side. A good weight loss program that targets men will have specific exercises and concrete steps to gain healthy muscle mass. It will suggest food items that will help them achieve strength, endurance, and leanness – food items like lean protein and those that are rich in fiber. It will also address common problem areas of men like a beer belly, which can be toned through cardiovascular and aerobic exercises in conjunction with abdominal exercises. These are the things that men look for in a weight loss program, because more than looking attractive what they want to achieve is a healthy level of fitness.

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