Weight Loss Tips – 4 Summer Strategies

How did Summer creep up so fast? If you had great plans to slim down and shape up before bathing suit season hit but never quite kept up with your goals, don’t despair! Follow these four easy steps to improve your summertime eating habits and lose weight in the bargain! Pull out that swimsuit and get started:

1. Drink….drink….drink….water! Put away the sodas. Stop buying sweetened fruit beverages. Ignore the advertisements for milkshakes, cold coffee beverages, and iced tea. Choose water instead! Why? Water has zero calories, quenches your thirst better than sweetened beverages, and helps keep our bodies cool in the summertime heat. Try these tactics:

– drink 12-16 ounces of water with every meal

– bring along a water bottle in the car

– keep a cooler full of water with you on outings to the beach

– add a twist of fresh lime or lemon for a zingy taste

– freeze a water bottle overnight for ice-cold drinking throughout the next morning. Just make sure to leave 1-2 inches of air in the bottle before freezing to prevent accidents in the freezer!

– Keep a pitcher of ice water in the fridge, and drink it all by the end of the day

– Place an 8-10 oz glass on the counter. Every time you walk past, fill it up with water and drink!

2. Shop farmer’s markets for the freshest produce. Not sure what to do with beet greens or eggplant? Ask the farmer at the market, or browse through our recipe finder for great ideas. Make the weekly farmer’s market a stop on your busy schedule, and you’ll have no excuse for not eating plenty of gorgeous and delicious produce every day.

3. Start your day with a whirl. Of fruit, milk or juice, and ice cubes. Pour everything in the blender, whirl and breakfast is ready in a snap. Try your favorite combination of fresh and frozen fruit, or sample one of our recipes for more ideas. Breakfast – and getting enough fruit in your diet – was never so easy!

4. Think small. Our appetite often decreases when the temperature rises, so take advantage and eat smaller meals. Split a sandwich with a friend, order a cup of soup instead of a bowl, opt for an appetizer portion at dinner instead of an entrée, and if you’re indulging in ice cream, ask for the smallest size cone possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that a smaller portion satisfies hunger just as effectively, and your waistline will definitely thank you!

Source by Lynn Grieger

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