Weight Loss Tips – If it Tastes Bad Why Eat It?

The key to changing any behavior is to be able to identify it and recognize it as it is occurring or, preferably, before it starts. And this behavioral recognition technique, while applicable in every facet of life, is ideal for dieting and weight loss. Let’s examine one area of food consumption where we can make a huge difference in our weigh loss and weight control goals, simply by recognizing some of our age-old bad habits.

Let’s take a look at the example of what we tend to do with food even when we find the taste marginally disagreeable. We all can be adventurous food tasters at times, so I’m sure that you can draw on plenty of personal examples of when you tasted something that wasn’t all that great. But, you should also think back and try to remember how you handled that situation.

Have you ever tried a desert dish, say some pumpkin or apple pie, that wasn’t quite up to your standards? Maybe the crust was burned or some key ingredient was clearly missing. You, like most of us, myself included, probably kept at it for a spell, hoping somehow that each subsequent bite would result in delicious proof that all the previous bites were mistakes and that the desert really did taste as you had hoped and expected.

How can we ever achieve a modicum of weight loss if we continue to engage in this kind of unconscious eating behavior? Instead of ignoring your taste buds, give them credit and applaud them for the quality food detective work that they have done. If the food doesn’t pass the flavor test, tell yourself that you deserve something better. And, you do deserve something better.

Once you develop the habit of not eating things that don’t provide the flavor that you expect them to have, you will be able to put on the brakes of your food eating train far more easily. It is at these times that your awareness of your eating habits will become far more fine-tuned.

A surprisingly wonderful addition to this simple food eating behavior change is that when you recognize the not so pleasant taste of many a food, you will often replace it with a far healthier choice. The simple fact that you are aware of what is and isn’t tasty will more often than not break you from the hypnotic state of eating to eat and you will instead find yourself making healthy choices to replace the food that doesn’t taste so good in the first place.

There is nothing truly revolutionary in the weight loss and diet departments, if long-term and ongoing results are your goal. Wake up and taste the food. Stand up and push it away. Be healthier and lose more weight by not giving bad tasting food a chance to disappear inside of you.

Source by James Kearney

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