Weight Loss Tips – Losing Weight After Pregnancy

After giving birth, it is common for most new moms to become anxious about whether and when they will be able to get their body in the shape and size it was before pregnancy. Below are some tips on how to get your belly to contract back to its pre-pregnancy form, as well as lose those extra pounds of baby weight.

When trying to lose pregnancy weight, it is important to note that this will take time. After all, it took you some nine months to gain the weight, so you shouldn’t expect to shed it in one day. Immediately after you give birth, it is normal to look as if you are still several months pregnant. However, your body begins its natural weight loss process immediately the baby is born. Within four weeks, you uterus will have began to shrink back to its normal size, and you should have lost anywhere between eight and twenty pounds as the excess fluid leaves your body.

Begin your weight loss program with some light exercises to keep your body safe and ensure that you do not injure yourself in the process. Allow your body the time it deserves to recover from a major ordeal such as pregnancy and birth. Remember to split your workouts, spreading them out throughout the day, while keeping them short and effective. Engage in simple exercises and physical activity such as walking up and down the stairs or taking a brisk walk around the backyard. You may begin your exercises anywhere from four to eight weeks after birth. It is advisable to consult your doctor on when exactly it is safe for you to begin working out.

Breastfeeding is a great way for new moms to lose weight. When breastfeeding your baby, you burn up an extra 500 calories each day, which helps to get rid of the excess baby fat. Do not go onto restrictive weight loss diets that may affect your milk supply. Set your weight loss goals at 2 pounds each week, and no more. Resist the temptation to lose too much weight fast, as this may result in the release of body toxins that your baby may ingest through breast milk. It is important to ensure that whatever diet plan, exercise regimen or lifestyle changes you make, they must all be healthy choices. Be sure to remain healthy at all times as you are a mother now, with an infant who is dependent on you.

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