Weight Watchers – An Introduction

If you are eager to go on a diet, then you might be interested in Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is an international company that was founded to help their customers with losing and maintaining their weight. They also have a large amount of dieting products that customers can purchase to aid them in maintaining successful and long lasting weight loss.

Weight Watchers was founded by Jean Nidetch in 1963. Now, Weight Watchers has outlets in over 30 countries, around the world. So, if you are thinking of embarking on a healthy weight loss journey, do give Weight Watchers a thought.

Weight Watchers diet plans, for the most part, are sensible, and compared to some other diets out there, don’t starve you too much.

Weight Watchers is a well-recognized name in the world if dieting. As the matter of fact, it is one of the few dieting empires that had achieved great success around the world and has remained a great success standing the test of time.

An interesting insight as to how Weight Watchers really works is that they have substituted the word “calories” for “points”. Every food item has its own point value. The plan is arranged in such a way that the dieter is only allowed to “use up” a certain number of points in a given day.

The “Flex Point” system that is being used for Weight Watchers helps to monitor the amount of food that you can intake. For example, you are actually entitled to a total of 35 flex point each week for you to splurge on any cravings you might have.

Weight Watchers requires you to attend your diet “lessons” at a local center. There, you are required to meet up with a weight loss counselor, who will then help you to plan your personalized diet plan. The planning doesn’t stop there, you are required to come back for frequent visits to the counselor to update your plan. This constant flow of meetings allows them to monitor your weight loss process more closely and make necessary adjustments if needed. Hence, always remember to set aside a schedule and include these important visits to the counselor into your calendar.

Weight watchers also has therapy sessions and group discussions. All participants are encouraged to voice out or share their thoughts, especially when they are upset or not doing very well with their weight loss progress.

Weight Watchers even has healthy recipes, which they happily share with their participants to help them in preparing healthier and more fulfilling meals at home.

Weight Watchers is more than just following a weight loss plan. Weight Watchers allows you to go through your weight loss journey as a group, with those who are also trying to lose weight. Most importantly, the diet plans are designed to be sustainable. Unlike many fad diets out there in the diet world that offer temporary results and have potentially dangerous side effects Weight Watchers is a safe alternative.

With this program you don’t need to walk alone, in fact, you are basically forced into making your weight loss plans public, and you are held fully accountable.

This publicity is one of the reasons why Weight Watchers is well known among many dieters.

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