Weight Watchers: Hypnosis for Healthy Safe Weight Loss

The market is saturated with pills, potions and harebrained diet plans that promise to help you lose weight quickly with minimal effort. The truth is, when it comes to healthy and sensible weight loss there really is no “quick fix.” Eating nothing but cabbage soup for two weeks may help you shed a few pounds but no medical professional would advocate depriving your body in such a dangerous way. Diets like these are not only harmful, they are often completely counterproductive. Inn fact, any weight lost during dieting is frequently regained twofold as the body’s metabolism promptly switches to “starvation mode,” and strives to hold on to all the calories that it can. To really transform your body and health requires a change of both eating habits and attitude.

Developed with long term, safe and healthy slim down in mind, hypnosis weight loss has been used for decades to help patients address the underlying emotional and psychological issues behind their weight problems. By changing the way that patients think and feel about food, weight loss hypnosis assists patients to make permanent lifestyle changes and enjoy steady fat burning at a safe and natural pace.

The Hypno-Band weight loss system has been specially devised for patients with a BMI of 25 and over who have not responded to traditional weight loss hypnosis. Specifically, Hypno-Band is ideal for patients who might otherwise have been candidates for gastric band surgery.

As the name suggests, the treatment is inspired by the way that conventional gastric band surgery works, but unlike the actual medical procedure, the Hypno-Band weight loss system is highly effective without using any painful invasive surgery whatsoever. In a safe and relaxed environment, your hypnotherapist will help you work through the underlying and often unexplored factors behind your eating habits, identify negative thought associations and replace them with positive and beneficial ones.

These positive thoughts are the most important tools for permanent slim down. Think of them as your weapons against comfort eating, stress and unhealthy habits!

Once your hypnotherapist is certain that you are ready to progress, you’ll be guided through the next stage of your treatment, which is the virtual fitting of a gastric band. Completely painless, Hypno-Band weight loss treatment works by reprogramming the unconscious mind to believe that a surgical gastric band has been fitted.

After the treatment, you’ll find you can physically eat far less than you were able to eat before, just as though your stomach has reduced in size.

Weight loss hypnosis provides long term results for patients who are committed to transforming their health for the better. By changing your unconscious mind, you’re one step closer to a healthier, happier you for life!

Source by Todd Stofka

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