Zero Friction Fat Loss by Mike Ramsey


According to recent world statistics, 28% of women and 29% of men are known to be obese in the age group of 15-25. Much worse is that such statistics even has a triple value in the older age brackets. Since obesity is considered to be a serious health issue, we can say that our world today is in deep trouble. This encourages a lot of individuals especially health and fitness enthusiasts to design various weight-loss programs for those who want to look thinner but healthier. Unfortunately, most of these programs are designed to make you hungry. This makes it even harder for individuals to keep up with the program.

Zero Friction Fat Loss: Whats different?

The concept of this program has the main cores as most other fitness and diet programs, but is there anything that sets it apart? Well we looked at the meal plans and have determined that although the program has unique attributes that would likely help most people lose weight, the underlying concepts of diet and exercise are still the bread and butter of this system. That means that you still have to put those hours at the gym and endure eating healthy food.

Mike Ramsey has done his research with the recipes, and they are actually pretty tasty, as far as healthy food is concerned.

Mike Ramsey’s weight loss techniques are specifically designed to go against the nature of most fat-shedding programs. The main idea of the program is to effectively help your body shed all those unwanted fats by working with its natural metabolism. With Zero Friction Fat Loss Program, you will still undergo certain meal plans but with healthy, great tasting, and of course, non-fat foods. Mike Ramsey, the author of the eBook, wants to enlighten every individual that starving your body makes things worse and that following his eBook can make everyone enjoy these certain advantages:


  • No mind blowing calorie-counting technique before you eat
  • You can still enjoy your meals in your meal plan
  • Wide food selection
  • The e-Book is easy to use / follow
  • Lifetime access with the eBook
  • Discover the secrets of sexy people with great appetites
  • The program has no need for supplements and shakes


  • Won’t be able to purchase it unless you have your own computer and internet connection.
  • It is a digital copy, and is not available in stores.
  • When it comes down to it, the eBook is just a diet and exercise book, and the secrets within are not really anything special.

Final Thought

Zero friction fat loss program, is a good solution for shedding fat, however it is no magic pill solution. It can help most individual move one step closer towards a more toned physique. It’s easy to follow, and written in basic English. You will still have to spend time working on your body, and eating healthy if you want results.

If you are looking to lose weight, I really would suggest joining a gym. Get a personal trainer, and find out what you should work on to reach your goals. Use Google and expand your knowledge on how you can improve your situation. There are so many ways to get in great shape, and it does require work, but its not hard. Getting results that you can see is a great feeling.

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